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Different Types LED Silicone Backlight Keymat Introduction

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Backlight Keymat

Backlight Keymat & Backlight Button Pad, known as backlight keyboard, backlight keypad& backlit keyboard.

Silicone Backlight Keymat, which make full use of transparent & translucent silicone materials feature, compatible with LED light in aim to get backlight legends & backlight icon's backgrounds.

Backlight Silicone Keymat & Keyboard, which have mainly have three types:
Laser Etched Keymat, which is a common silicone backlight keymat, is produced by rubber keymat surface spray color coating + laser cutting machines in aim to achieve backlight legends or legend's background backlight effects.

Backlight Silicone Keymat.jpg

Transparent Silicone Backlight Keymat, which take full advanatge of transparent silicone or transparent silicone + pigment to attain the backlight effects. Some translucent silicone backlight, also choose keyboard color coating to light blocking.
Feature Transparent Silicone Backlight Keyboard: Button Pad 4x4 - LED compatible
Button Pad 4x4 - LED compatible, is made from transparent silicone mixed with a percentage of pigment & toner.
Different ratios pigment have different backlight effects.

Backlight Silicone Keymat.jpgBacklight Rubber Keymat.jpg

Screen Print Backlight Keymat, which silicone keypads surface legends is produce by silk creen printing & transfer machines.
Generally, most of screen printing backlight silicone rubber keymat, print legends without protective coating for better backlight effects.
Notes: if color coating legends or laser engraving legends, should do surface protection. 

Color Coated Backlight Keymat
Color Coating Backlight Keyboard, keypad & button surface is produced by spraying color coating for light blocking.

Backlight Keymat.jpg

Backlight Silicon Keymat.jpg

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