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Push Button Push Button
Push Button Push Button
Push Button Push Button
Push Button Push Button


Push Button

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Push Button

Push Button, known as Silicone Rubber Push Button, Button Switches, which made of transparent silicone materials by compression mold tooling as a electrical contact switches.
Rubber Push Button, like
silicone keypad, which have silicone button & key web, rubber button pad, key top, button cover, contact zone ( carbon pill & conductive printing), button surface legends and surface protection etc.
Silicone Push Button

Rubber Push Button Designs and Production, not only thick about silicone push button structure actuation forece, button travel, contact, but need in view of silicone rubber push button surface demands, button materials choice, hardness difference and mutual influence etc.
Rubber Push Button
Rubber Push Button, some design for like silicone keyboard cover, which only for decoration or protect keyboard switches without contacts, know as keycap & button cover.

Push Button

Silicone Rubber Push Button Quotation Demands:
1. Offer Silicone Button 2D/3D Design drawings, Samples
2. Button  Surface Demands: Legends Demands, Key & Button Color Demands, SprayColor Coating, Key-Setting
Button Protective Coating: PU Coating, Epoxy Coating, Matte Smooth, Plastic & Metal Keycap (Key Cover)
4. Button Contact Demands:
Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Prining, Metal Dome, (Or only need Silicone Rubber Switches Cover.)
4. Contact Resistance Demands:
1-250 Ohm
5. Silicone Button Actuation Force: 40g-300g
6. Quantity Demands: FOQ & EAU



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Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  
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