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Silicone Rubber Buttons for Electronics

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Silicone Rubber Buttons for Electronics

Rubber Buttons & Silicone Buttons, also called Silicone Keyboard or Rubber Keypad, as a elastomer switches components, which made from transparent & translucent silicone materials by compression molding & LSR injection moulding, is widely used in electronics, music & piano, remote controller, medical device and machines etc. As a reliable switches components, silicone rubber buttons have two different functions.

Rubber Buttons

Rubber Buttons without conductive pills, which also called button cover or button cap, as a switches keyboard cover, also have dust proof and decorative effects.

Buttons with conductive pills and buttons webbing, which also called silicone buttons pads & silicone keypads, not only as button cover, but also  as a switch & on-off.

Silicone Buttons for electronicsRubber Button Pad

Conductive Rubber ButtonsConductive Silicone Keypad

Silicone Buttons Conductive Ways

As a push button, like conductive keyboard which mainly have five conductive ways

1. Black Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads

2. Electrically Conductive Ink Printing

3. Metal Domes

4. Golden Pill

5. Nickel Pills 

Notes: Nickel Pills, is one kinds of conductive pills, more information, please surf: conductive keypads

Conductive Silicone KeyboardRubber Push Buttons

Silicone Push ButtonsElectronics Silicone Rubber Buttons

rubber buttons switches

Life TimeResistanceDiameterThicknessAdvantageDisavantage
Carbon PillsAbove 10 Millions10-100 Ohms1.5-8 mm0.2-0.6 mmLower Resistance 
Stable Life Time
Shape Limited
Conductive Ink PrintingAbove 10 Millions50-350 OhmsAvailable10-20 MicronsAny Shape is AvailableResistance Limited
Metal DomesAbove 10 Millions0-10 OhmsAvailable0.05-0.1mmLower Resistance 

Bad Tactile Feel       

Without Dust Free  Functions

Metal PillsAbove 10 Millions0-10 OhmsAvailable0.05-2mmLower Resistance 

Low Production 


High Unit Price

Piano Silicone Button Pads

Silicone Buttons Characters & Text

Silicone Rubber Buttons Legends & Icons have two main types:  Silkscreen Printed and Laser Etched & Engraved

Music Silicone Button Pads

Printed Silicone Buttons

Laser Etched Silicone Buttons

Backlight Rubber Buttons

Backlight Silicone Buttons

Silicone Rubber Buttons Cover & Protective Coating

For more durable, after silkscreen printing or laser cutting, silicone rubber buttons also need protective coating manufacturing process, or need with plastic & metal buttons cover & caps

That have three kinds of protective coated ways for silicone ruber buttons

1. Silicone Oil Coating ( also called matte smooth coating)

2. PU Coating

3. Epoxy Coating

Notes: silicone oil & matte smooth coating have good touch feel and dust proof, and more economical than PU coating.

PU coating is a little more durable than silicone matte smooth coating, and mainly used in outdoor electrical products, but expensive.

Epoxy Coating Silicone Buttons

Better Silicone Keypad

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