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TPV Rubber Keyboard/Silicone Keypad Plastic Injection Molding

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TPV Rubber Keyboard

TPV Rubber Keyboard are Rubber Keypad/Rubber Button Pad molded by injection molding of TPV materials.

What is the TPV?

TPV Rubber Keyboard Definition.

TPV called as thermoplastic vulcanizate, is mainly composed of two parts, one is plastic as a continuous phase, and the other is rubber as a dispersed phase. Usually rubber needs to be matched with softening oil or plasticizer. Vulcanizing agents and some auxiliary agents are also essential.

TPV Rubber Keyboard

backlight rubber keyboard

Why choose TPV Rubber Keyboard?

TPV Rubber Keyboard Advantages:

- Good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, environmental resistance and aging resistance are equivalent to EPDM rubber. At the same time, its oil and solvent resistance are comparable to general neoprene rubber.


- Wide application temperature range (–60-130 ° C), wide application range of soft hardness (25A-67D), the advantage of easy dyeing greatly improves the freedom of product design.


- Excellent processing performance: it can be processed by injection molding, extrusion and other thermoplastic processing methods, which is efficient, simple and easy to operate, without adding equipment, high fluidity and small shrinkage.


- Environmental protection, can be recycled, and the performance has not been significantly reduced after repeated use six times.


- The specific gravity is light (0.90-0.97), the appearance quality is uniform, the surface grade is high, and the feel is good.


- The feel of rubber, plastic processing methods.


- Excellent resistance to dynamic fatigue.


- Excellent ozone and weather resistance.


- Excellent adhesion to polypropylene (PP) or nylon (PA).

- Good flexing performance and fatigue resistance

silicone rubber keyboard TPV

Where Can TPV Rubber Keyboard Be Used?

TVP Rubber Keyboard Applications:

At present, the application fields of TPV rubber keyboard are mainly targeted at traditional thermoset rubbers, including only special rubbers but not those for general rubber applications.Applicate in automobile industry, construction industry, electronic products industry, handle, medical and health industry.

TPV rubber keyboard used in electronic products industry mainly adopts injection molding, extrusion, co-extrusion and other processing methods.

Overmolding Double Molded TPV Rubber Keyboard by Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,ltd.

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double molded rubber keyboard

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