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Flexible Silicone Backlit Illuminated Keyboard Manufacturing Process

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Looking For Silicone Backlit  Keyboard Manufacturer?

Silicone backlit  keyboard are the core components of many keyboards, which is made of high elastic silicone rubber. Silicone keyboard are optionally provided with some legends&patterns to change visual and tactile impressions.

In order to achieve different applications, customer usually require silicone keyboard to gather with different legends & button pattern.

backlight keyboard

Beleuchtete Silikonschaltmatte

This blog aims to introduce you silicone backlit keyboard manufacturing process.Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,ltd has rich experience in producing and developing silicone keyboard, silicone backlit keyboard, rubber button.

-First step.Produce the transparent silicone base by compression molding.

Second step.Do white and black spraying.

-Third step.Import desired character & text document on the laser engraving machine.Then put the well sprayed silicone keypad on the positioning tool. At the specified position, remove the black spraying with the laser etching, and expose the white characters.

-Forth step.Silkscreen print the white character.

-Finally.In order to prevent the surface legends from falling off, spraying protective coating is necessary.Such as PU coating.

backlit rubber button

silicone backlit button

Some silicone backlit keyboard manufacturing tips:

1.Uneven spraying can lead to light leakage

-----Increase spraying time to make the coating thicker. At the same time, to spray on the button sides evenly once again.

Button pattern Manufacturing Process

silicone keyboard manufacturing

2.The white ink is removed when do laser etching process.So there is difference in brightness.

----Reduce the strength of laser etching, and test the brightness is OK before formal laser etching process.

aircraft rubber button

3. Thin coating could result in shorter life span.

-----Increase spraying layer.

aircraft silicone button


Q:Will the color spraying colors affect the actuaion force of silicone backlit keyboard?

-A:Yes.After color spraying processes, silicone backlit keyboard actuation force will increase greatly.For example, if you requires the keyboard force to be 150g, but the acutal actuation force will be 250g+/-80g.

That is because of the increase in the thickness of the key webbing caused by color spraying.And the key webbing is the key factor affecting the actuation force of the keyboard.

Areas of application

Silicone backlit keyboard are widely used in almost mobile devices.Both in consumer and business applications, remote controls and other hand-held devices almost always use  silicone backlit keyboards or silicone rubber buttons.

The silicone keyboard is also particularly suitable for devices in applications that come into contact with water and dust, as the rubber keyboard is absolutely leakproof and can be easily manufactured with a circular seal.

Silicone backlit keyboard can be designed with waterproof groove and backing adhesive layer to achieve  water resistance.

Silicone backlit keyboard are often used in medical applications because they are easy to clean and disinfect.

Silicone backlit keyboards are also often used for classic typing keyboards.

Silicone Backlit keyboard Advantages

  • Flexible.It is easy to applications.

  • Can achieve different legends & pattern to meet different requirements.Individual key shapes and colors are easy for backlighting.

  • The key stroke/travel and actuation force can be freely selected during development.

  • Electrical contacting can be implemented differently depending on requirements and budget.For example, carbon pills.

  • Special surface coatings, such as PU coating, make the keyboard very wear-resistant.

  • Optionally, flexible design using key caps made of plastic or stainless steel.

    illuminated keyboard

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