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Silicone rubber keypad, main process ways are silkscreen printing, laser etching, spraying color, etc.
Laser etched keypad.pdf,Silkscreen Printing Keypad.pdf

Silicone Rubber Button Pad Conductivity

Conductive Button Pad Test

Silicone Rubber Keypad

Silicone Rubber Keypad Compression Mold

Silkscreen Printing Rubber Keypad

Printed Characters or symbols on silicon keypad's surface

PU Coating Silicone Keypad

PU ink Coating for Button & Silicone Icons Protection

Printing Surface Detection

Silkscreen Printing Icons Automatic Detection

Rubber Button Pad Processing

Remove The Silicone Button Pad Burr by Die-cut Tool

Carbon Pills Conductive Keypad

Black Carbon Pills for Keypads Conduction

Laser Engraving Keypad

Laser Etched Process for Desired Backlight Effect

Matt Coating Keyboard

Matte Smooth Coating for Keypad Protection

Rubber Keypad Test Process

Keypad Keylife and Abrasion Test

Silicone Rubber Keypad Shore Hardness

Test Silicone Rubber Keypad Shore Hardness

Conductive Ink Printing Keypad

Transfer Conductive Printing for Keyboard Conduction

Silicone Keypad Drying

Drying keypad for surface protection

Epoxy Coated Rubber Button

Rubber Button Epoxy Protective Coating

Keypad Actuation Force Test

Keypad Actuation Force Test


Better Silicone Keypad

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  
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