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Rubber Button Pad can be divided inton conductive rubber keypad and non-conductive rubber keypad. Conductive rubber keypad includes carbon pill button pad, conductive ink printing rubber keypad, metal dome button pad,  gold pill rubber buttons and nickle rubber keypad.

For low resistance, metal pills rubber button pad is a good choice, but the cost will be high. Carbon pil rubber keypad and conductive printing buttons are the most common silicone keypads.


Conductive Rubber Keypad

         Non-Conductive Rubber Keypad                                  Rubber Button Pad with Carbon Pills                  Silicone Keypad with Conductive Ink Printing

Rubber Button Pad

        Silicone Keypad with Metal Domes                               Conductive Button Pad with Gold Pills                   Silicone Rubber Buttons with Nickle Pills

conductive contact

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