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  • [Keypad Knowledge] How does rubber dome work

    Rubber domes are also known as rubber dome switches.It is made of silicone rubber material and is small and flexible.Rubber dome is a switching technology of membrane keyboard.Generally, rubber domes are designed with conductive carbon pill or conductive printing.This means that the rubber dome acts

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Soft Epoxy Resin Coating Keyboard

    Epoxy coating is made up with resin and curing agent. Epoxy coating is a protective transparent epoxy resin coating, which is commonly used in silicone keypad to protect the key surface.This thick epoxy coating gives the silicone keypad a hard plastic feel and shiny look.Epoxy coating extends the li

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Build Your Own Silicone MIDI Pad Controller

    MIDI Pad ControllerMIDI Pad Controller also called as MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Pad.MIDI pad controllers are now some of the most important devices in music production and performance, acting as the tactile interface between you and your studio software and hardware, a

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Backlighting Options For A Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad

    Backlighting rubber keypad is the most common silicone rubber keypad design.Backlighting rubber keypad also called as backlit rubber keypad, illuminated membrane switch keypad.It is widely used in electronic products such as remote controls, industrial keyboards, medical devices, calculators and man

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Intro to P+R Plastic Rubber Keypad with Key Cap & Button Cover Manufacturing Process

    Plastic is molded into plastic keycaps through plastic injection molding, by different processes : printing, laser etching or cutting to produce plastic keycaps in different colors, fonts or patterns.Silicone rubber is produced as keypad base by compression molding. Plastic keypaps and silicone rubber keypad base are processed and brushed with treatment agent, then the complete plastic keypad/keyboard(P+R) is produced by appropriate adhesive and pressing processes in the assembly of the fixture.


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