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  • [Keypad Knowledge] Soft Epoxy Resin Coating Keyboard

    Epoxy coating is made up with resin and curing agent. Epoxy coating is a protective transparent epoxy resin coating, which is commonly used in silicone keypad to protect the key surface.This thick epoxy coating gives the silicone keypad a hard plastic feel and shiny look.Epoxy coating extends the li

  • [Keypad Knowledge] How does rubber dome work

    Rubber domes are also known as rubber dome switches.It is made of silicone rubber material and is small and flexible.Rubber dome is a switching technology of membrane keyboard.Generally, rubber domes are designed with conductive carbon pill or conductive printing.This means that the rubber dome acts

  • [Keypad Knowledge] What is Digital Piano Keypad Rubber Contact Strips

    Rubber contact strip is also called as digital piano keypad rubber contact strips, which is typically used in Yamaha keyboard.There is conductive contact under the rubber contact strip, which will touch the digital piano’s PCB when press down the button of piano keyboard.This allows the keyboard and

  • [Keypad Knowledge] What material are rubber gaskets made of?

    Rubber Sealing Gasket is a gasket for sealing.1. The main products of Rubber Sealing Gasket are: silicone pad, nitrile rubber cushion, fluorine-rubber pad, other rubber gasket.Silicone rubberThe high and low temperature resistance...

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rubber Keyboard Actuation Force-The most important design tip

    What is actuation force of rubber keyboard?Actuation force: the amount of pressure needed to depress a key and register a keypress. Different key switch designs allow for different levels of actuation force, which is usually defined in grams (g) or pound force (lbf).Keyboard that use dome switches,


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