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  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rubber Buttons Overmolding Process

    Rubber Overmolding is that connect two or multi color rubber parts, dual hardness rubber parts, or different rubber material parts together into a complete final rubber product by compression molding. In rubber buttons overmolding production, multi coloured buttons or dual hardness buttons are molded into a colorful and functional rubber keypad. Overmolding rubber buttons can be with beautiful appearance as the parting lines of colored buttons are clear with any color beeding. In addition, overmolding rubber keypad with dual hardness can have better tactile feel feedback to meet customers’ different actuation force requirements.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Overmolding of Silicone Multicolor Keyboard

    Silicone Multicolor Keyboard also known as colour keypad, colour keyboard, colorful button pad, which is made from silicone rubber, a kind of elastomeric translucent synthetic material, with colored keyboard & button keys. Silicone multicolor keyboard which need different colors keys, but don’t want the colors mixed, buttons hardness & durometer are different from the key web or not all the buttons at the same hardness. Overmolding process is a good choice , Xiamen Better Silicone Co., Ltd

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rubber Button Stuck/Jammed On Silicone Rubber Keyboard

    What causes keys/buttons to stuck on a keyboard? For a silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, the stuck key condition is a poor function, which directly affects the quality and normal use of the keypad.
    There are many reasons that cause keypad button stuck. There is reason for case and also for silicone button. Following share the reasons why some of the silicone key can not rebound when pressed down after the installation.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Overview on Custom Elastomer Keypad Design | Manufacturer

    An overview of what is elastomer keypad, how do elastomer buttons work, button pad manufacturing process, what affects silicone rubber pad actuation force, why is the silicone keyboard jammed and silicone button classification in surface symbols, protection coating and conduction(Design Guide).

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Proper Mold Venting to Prevent Air Traps in LSR Injected Silicone Keyboard Production

    Air Traps occur easily in LSR injected silicone keyboard with button webbing. Air trap is that air get stuck in the mold cavity and can not run away from mold vents. Air traps always happen in the last-to-fill area and thick-to-slim area. Air traps in injection mold will cause defeects in molded parts, like voids and bubbles, short shoot also known as incomplete fill.


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