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Silicone Rubber Keypad & Keyboard, which is made from elastomeric translucent silicone rubber materials by compression molding, which is widely used in remote control unit, medical device, wireless communication device & equitment, telephone, safe box,  electronic calculator and other electronic products, as a reliable & stable switches components.
Silicone Rubber Keypad

Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Structure: 
Silicone Keypad1. Silicone
Button & Key
2. Silicone Button Pads, 
3. Button & Key flexible webbing
4. Button & Key Travel
5. Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads (
Conductive Materials)

Silicone Keypads Surface Symbols & Icons: 
Screen Printing
2. Laser Etching (Legends for LED backlight)
3. Embossed & Debossed Molded Symbols

Silicone Keypads Surface Protection
1. Matte Smooth Coating
2. PU Coating
3. Epoxy Coating
4. Silicone Key with Plastic Button Cap

5. Silicone Key with Metal Button Cap
Notes: PU coating is more wearproof, and protective effects is more better than matte smooth coating.
However, PU coating is more expensive than matte smooth coating.
And also matte smooth coating have good tactile effect, PU coating is not too hard and not good tactile effect.
Most silicone rubber keypads choose matte smooth coating.

Silicone Rubber Keypads Conductive Materials
Rubber Keypad1. Graphite Pads & Black
Carbon Pills
2. Electrically Conductive Printing Ink
3. Metal Domes
4. Golden Pills & Copper Pads
5. Nickle Pills

Silicone Keypad Designers or Manufacturer Notes:
Silicone Keyboard Designers or Manufacturers, not only in consideration of actuation force and silicone rubber keypads structure like silicone buttons travels, keypad conductive materials, silicone rubber buttons webbing, but also should in view of silicone surface & materials demands, like symbols & icons, protective keyboard cover, silicone keypads materials choice & transparency, hardness, color spraying coating.


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Silicone Rubber Keypad


Better Silicone Keypad

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