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Silicone Keypad Prototype

Small quantity silicone rubber buttons are acceptable. Smaller sample keypad molding can meet your demands.
The rubber keypads with complicated requirements are also available in Better Silicone.

Rubber Keypad Design

Without engineers to design the buttons? Don't know the keypad technology? Or only the silicone keypad sample?
Keypad design suggestions or 3D file rubber keypad from our engineers team will be offered for you. 

Silicone Keypad Surface Finish

Silkscreen Printing
Colorful Text and Pattern
Laser Etching
Backlit Text Without Light Leakage
Hollow Out Printing
Backlit Text, Edge Light Leakage 
Embossed Text With Printing
Note: Laser etching silicone buttons and hollow out printing rubber keypad both can have backlit effect. The cost of hollow out printing rubber keypad is lower than laser etching buttons, but light would leak out from the text edge. 
Rubber Keyboard Back Finish
Non Conduction Rubber Buttons
Nickle Pills Silicone Keypad

Rubber Keyboard  Surface Protection
Note: Oil Coating is the most common protection way.  PU coating silicone keypad have longer service life, but it is more difficult to spray, which increse the button cost. Epoxy coating rubber keyboard can have transparent resin layer on the surface.
Offer Free Design Supports

If you don't have the silicone keypad design experience or have confusions about rubber keypad design requirements, we can offer the free supports for you.
Give you the design suggestion or help you revise the rubber button design. As a professional rubber keypad manufacturer, we can turn your design into reality, and solve all the problems that may occurs.


Better Silicone Keypad

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  
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