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Fluorescent keyboard

Fluorescent keyboard, is known as fluorescent keypad and phosphor keypad, which is made from silicone mixed with powder by rubber compression mold tooling.
Fluorescent Keypad is a kind of operation instruction and data input device that uses fluorescence to produce visible light, which is also an important part of keyboard instruments. Fluorescent Keypad is widely applied in electronic and music products, like computer keyboard, laptop, piano, electronic keyboard, etc.

Fluorescent keypad
Fluorescent Button generally shows translucent green or yellow in the day. Fluorescence emits light due to absorbing radiation from an external source, or something vividly colorful, which gives a specially enchanting look to your keyboard in the dark! Glowing Fluorescent keyboard has a high visibility in normal and low-light, especially effective in twilight and poor visibility conditions and it also perfectly suits users working in dark rooms. People working in the office can keep the sight of their keyboard when sudden power cuts.
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Fluorescent keyboard


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