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During silicone rubber keypad manufacturing process, there are several ways of membrane keypad surface legends: silkscreen printing, laser etching, debossed and embossed text & symbols. Backlight keyboard: it will use laser etching technology of legends. If common legends, it can be silkscreen printing, without backlit effect. Also the debossed legends(need color filling), embossed printing( molded legend then printing)

Rubber Membrane Keypad

     Silkscreen Printing Membrane             Keypad  Backlit Rubber Keyboard            Hollow-Out PrintingRubber Buttons        Embossed Rubber Keypad

Note:Laser etching rubber membrane keypad and hollow-out printing rubber membrane buttons both can have illuminated effect if  LED light under the silicone rubber buttons. But there are some differences. Light may leak in hollow-out printing rubber membrane buttons, and the backlight effect of is not good as laser etching rubber keypad. Text of laser etching rubber membrane keypad is more dimensional as the color coating is thicker than printing silicone rubber buttons.

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