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Silicone Keypad Case Studies

  • Guide to the Different Electric Rubber Contact
    Electric rubber contact also called as rubber contact, rubber contact strip and digital piano keyboard.Electric rubber contact is made of elastic silicone as raw material and processed by compression molding, which take full use of the high resilience of silicone, can be processed into a variety of   Read More>
  • How To Design Waterproof Silicone Keypad丨Keypad Manufacturing Process
    As we know, if the circuit board of the equipment / electronic components in silicone keypad are invaded by water & oil or other liquids, they can be easily damaged. Once the circuit board is broken, the whole assembly keypad device will be basically overhauled or directly scrapped. Therefore, it is very important to have a waterproof design for the silicone rubber keypad.   Read More>
  • Fluorosilicone membrane keypad design guidelines
    One of our customer is developing a medical device Probe with a handpiece, that has a small Silicone Keypad.He send us the design drawing for evaluation and quotation.This is silicone keypad with metal dome carrier.One of our customer is developing a medical device Probe with a handpiece, that has a   Read More>
  • Flexible Silicone Backlit Illuminated Keyboard Manufacturing Process
    Silicone backlit keyboard are the core components of many keyboards, which is made of high elastic silicone rubber. Silicone keyboard are optionally provided with some legends&patterns to change visual and tactile impressions. In order to achieve different applications, customer usually require silicone keyboard to gather with different legends & button pattern.   Read More>
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