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How Does Automobile Silicone Buttons Work | Customized Auto Industry Rubber Button Keypad

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Automobile Silicone Buttons also called as Automotive Push Button, Automotive Conductive Rubber Buttons, CANbus Silicone Keypad. It is widely used in car center console keypad, window lift keypad, car navigation keypad.

Although the use of touch screens in the automotive industry has increased drastically, it may not always be the best solution. Touch screens can be very expensive to replace when broken, and they often leave the screen smudged and difficult to read. Additionally, the use of a physical key allows you to train your hand and know the feel of the key, keeping your eyes on the road and off your screen.

Automotive Silicone Buttons In Auto Industry

This blog will introduce you the How Does Automobile Silicone Buttons Work.

Automobile silicone buttons is made of silicone rubber material, which is elastic, resilient and durable. It is design with key webbing with tactile feedbacks, air vents, positioning pins and also many holes for LEDs.

Automobile Silicone Buttons Design Guide

Automobile Silicone buttons produced by compression molding. There is a angled key webbing around a switch center. On depression of the switch the webbing uniformly deforms to produce a tactile response. When pressure is removed from the switch the webbing returns to its neutral position with positive feedback.

Silicone Automotive Keypads With Tactile Feedback

auto rubber button keypad in Auto Industry

In order to make an electronic switch, a carbon pill or gold pill is placed on the base of the switch center which contacts onto a printed circuit board when the web has been deformed.

There are three common options for automobile silicone buttons: carbon pill, gold pill, nickel pill.

To get responsive, positive feedback by switch, they must be low resistance. So some customer will choose gold pill and nickel pill to ensure the best sensitivity.

Note: Resistance of gold pill can be lower than 1ohm and nickel pill can be 3ohm.

Travel and actuation force of automobile silicone buttons are designed high to prevent users from touching. The actuation force is usually as high as 300-400g.

Automobile Conductive Silicone Buttons

Gold Pill Automotive Push Button

As consumers continue to demand a quality car that lasts, silicone has become the perfect partner for automobile manufacturers.

Advantages of automobile silicone buttons mainly include:

1. High temperature resistance: the silicone material can remain stable in a high temperature environment, so the automotive silicone button can adapt to the higher temperature inside the car to ensure that it can work normally in a hot environment.

2. Strong weather resistance: silicone material has strong adaptability to climate and environmental factors, and is not easy to age, discolor or deformation, so it can maintain long-term stable performance.

3. Strong resilience: silicone material has good resilience, the key can be quickly restored when pressed, provide clear feedback sound, improve the driver's operating experience.

Automotive Push Button

Auto Rubber Button Keypad

The other automobile silicone buttons are CAN Bus Silicone Keypad, which is widely used in automative display controller. The raw material of CAN Bus Keypad is also the silicone rubber material.

CAN Bus Silicone Keypad is designed with different backlit icons. It is sprayed black and then laser etched transparent or white icons for light transmission.

CANBus Keypad

Customized CAN-Bus Keypad

Better Silicone Keypad

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