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How to Make Silicone Rubber Buttons Mould

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Rubber buttons are generally made by compression mould. Silicone button compression molding is a kind of thermoforming mould. When making silicone rubber buttons molding, we should allow the venting gap flashing grooves in the molding. Besides, silicone button cavities should allow the button shrinkage rate. As the heat rise, silicone material will expand. So the rubber button pad of compression mold includes push button cavities, venting gaps and flashing grooves. 

Before making rubber buttons mould, we will first confirm if the button structure design is correct. If need revision, we will offer customers free design revision advice. If customers are not familiar with rubber buttons design, we can deisgn the button according to your demands. After both sides confirm the design is OK, the rubber buttons mould can start.

To save customer budget, we will first draw the mold layout according to order quantity.  If quantity is small, we can make a small button mould. Sample rubber button mould is also available in Better Silicone. Silicone rubber buttons prototype is also made by steel compression mould, not silicone mould. Through steel sample compression  molding, we can check if the rubber button funtions work out. If rubber button prototype made by silicon mould, we can not know about whether the button webbing button actuation force and button travel are okay.

Rubber Buttonssilicone rubber buttons

Rubber buttons with button webbings is more complicate than those without the webbing. So the cost of rubber buttons mould will be higher too. A rubber button mould, it need go through grinding machine, milling machine, CNC machine and EDM machine. The tolerance strictly accrod to ISO3302 CLASS M2 standard. Rubber buttons made in our factory can be guarabteed with beautiful apperance and without flashing.

rubber push button

rubber button pad

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