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Build Your Own Silicone MIDI Pad Controller

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MIDI Pad Controller

MIDI Pad Controller also called as MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Pad.

MIDI pad controllers are now some of the most important devices in music production and performance, acting as the tactile interface between you and your studio software and hardware, and allowing you to control it more efficiently and perform with it, just like an instrument. 

The interior is filled with sensors that produce different timbre, rhythm and beat depending on the user's gestures and pressure.

MIDI Pad Controller designed with soft silicone keyboard,not only achieve a comfortable feeling but also reduce the sense of fatigue for a long time use.

Note:Rubber Contact Strip are widely used in Digital Piano, typically used in Yamaha keyboard

midi drum pad MIDI pad controller

akai mpd218 silicone MIDI controller 

rubber contact for MIDI pad controller

MIDI pad controller are generally equipped with backlit rubber keyboard.So that the built-in colored LED lights can show the position of the rhythm and display.

When the user presses or touches the silicone pad, the MIDI pad controller's built-in colored LED lights illuminate the keys, displaying the desired character and rhythm.


How to make MIDI pad controller backlit?

-Transparent MIDI Pad Controller.The light-emitting diode (LED) or other low-voltage light source behind the MIDI controller keyboard, a translucent silicone MIDI pad controller will emit light in the desired regions.

Transparent silicone elastomer does not have any color additives. In its pure state, silicone is completely transparent and colorless.Manufacturer will alter the compound creating translucent blends of silicone for specific backlighting applications.By adding different proportions of pigment to achieve different transparency of the MIDI controller keyboard, in order to obtain different light transmitting and brightness.

korg nanopad2 silicone MIDI pad

midi drum pad rubber keyboard

-Laser etched symbols MIDI Pad Controller Keyboard. The backlight of MIDI pad controller is built on transparent silicone with a color coating where symbols and text are made visible by laser etching. The process is spray the keypad in the desired colors, for example black.Then remove the black coating on the specific location and expose the symbols or text by laser etching machine.The symbols or text are transparent, so as to pass the light through.

Lighting on the rear side of the keypad will make all symbols and text visible in the dark.Something, spray various colors to obtain different colors of laser etched symbols are acceptable.

midi keyboard with drum pad

In addition to laser etched characters can achieve backlight of MIDI pad controller, screen printing characters on the transparent buttons not only can achieve backlight but also obtain beautiful look.

Semi-transparent MIDI Pad Controller Musical MIDI Pad Controller

                              Single Color Printing Keyboard                  VS                 Multi Color Printing Keyoard

Note: When the shape of keys are curved, it usually choose pad printing/transfer printing.


How to isolate light of MIDI Pad Controller?

In backlit MIDI pad controller, how to isolate light and prevent it from transferring from one button to another button is also a important issue needed to be considered.

There are three main solutions:

1. Light Blocks By Insert Molding or Overmolding.When a MIDI pad controller need different color LED to illuminate the laser etched indicators, and need to prevent light from bleeding into other portions, light block are necessary.Light block also can focus the light source to illuminate the indicators.

2. Silicone or plastic grid by secondary assembly.Design and produce a silicone grid or plastic grid to match with the MIDI pad controller, which can effectively prevents light from passing through the bottom of the MIDI pad controller.

3. Spraying Black.Another solution is spray black on the bottom or top.The additional keycap tool are necessary.

 keyboard with drum pad

How to protect MIDI Pad Controller Surface?

The backlight MIDI pad controller keyboard are also available in a range of coatings, providing increased abrasion and solvent resistance.

1. PU(Polyurethane) Coating.The full name of PU coating is Polyurethane Coating, also call as Polyurethane Finish, Polyurethane Paint.It is a kind of clear protective coating for MIDI pad controller, which prevent the surface irons from falling off and provide strong adhesion, wear resistance and good transparency for MIDI pad controller.It is most widely used in MIDI pad controller. 

2. Clear Matt Oil Coating.Matt oil coating is also clear protective coating, which has the similar characteristics with PU Polyurethane coating.It is a processing technique of creating a unpolished, slightly roughened and dull surface of MIDI pad controller.Clear matt oil coating bring diffuse reflection to MIDI pad controller’s appearance, avoiding MIDI pad controller dazzle and shine.

3. Epoxy Coating.Use mixed epoxy resin and curing agent material, and then drops on the surface of MIDI pad controller, after placement for some time, the epoxy resin and curing agent will be dried into effect like “crystal”.MIDI pad controller with epoxy coating is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and decorative.The most important one is epoxy coating can increase the service life of MIDI pad controller.

4. P+R Plastic Keypad.P refers to the Plastic, R refers to Rubber.It is a combination of plastic keycap an silicone button pad.Plastic keycap provide good protection and durability of MIDI pad controller.And the silicone button pad provides good elasticity and tactile feeling for MIDI pad controller.Actually, we don’t suggest MIDI pad controller using plastic keycap, because the hard plastic keypcap doesn't provide a sensitive touch.

 novation launch pad mini rubber keyboard

How to achive MIDI Pad Controller Conductive?

When you are building your MIDI pad controller, you also need to think about how you want to achieve conductivity.MIDI pad controller are divided in to conductive keyboard and non-conductive keyboard.

MIDI pad controller with conductive keyboard.

1. Black Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads.Carbon pill is made by mixing 60% VMQ and 40% conductive carbon black, produced by compression molding.And then cut the shape by die-cutting tool.

2. Electrically Conductive Ink Printing.It also called as conductive paint.It is a kind of conductive composite material, in which conductive particles are dipersed evenly in the liquid solvent.Conductive ink printing is compose of carbon powder(graphite) mixing with the liquid resin.Conductive ink printing is widely applied in MIDI pad controller because it is the most economical and cost-effective compared with carbon pill and other conduction way.

3. Metal Domes.It is made of stainless steel.MIDI pad controller with metal dome array provides a tactile or “snap” sound when press down.When driven by an electric circuit, the metal dome becomes a tactile switch that is always on.Metal dome also provide the operator with high-quality tactile feedback.

4. Golden Pill & Nickel Pills.Golden pill also called as metal pill.There are two main kinds of metal pills:copper pill and nickel pill.The resistance of golden pill and nickel pill are quote low.It is less than 50ohms, which can be as low as 10ohms.The cost of golden pill and nickel pill are most expensive, so they are rarely applied in MIDI pad controller.They are usually used to support extremely low contact resistance requirement for keyboard applied to electrical appliances and medical & health care devices.

5. Carbon Pills with Adhesive Layer.It is a special technology, which is similar with carbon pill.But with additional adhesive layer on one side.

Note:For non-conductive MIDI pad controller keyboard, designer usually equip tact switch with PCB.

pad controllers silicone

MIDI Pad Controller with Carbon Pill

MIDI Pad Keyboard

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