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Oil Coating Silicone Keypad

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Custom silicone rubber keypads with oil coating also are know as matte smooth coating keypads, as oil coating silicone keypads has smooth tactile
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Oil Coating Silicone Keypad

What Is Oil Coating Silicone Keypad

Oil Coating Silicone Keypads are also known as matte smooth silicone keyboards. Oil coating is a kind of protection for rubber keypad surfaces. Rubber keypads with oil cover will be more durable as the oil cover can protect the rubber button surface symbols & characters from abrasion, scratches and other wear. The oil is sprayed on the rubber keyboard surface after the icons or graphics are printed.

Oil coating rubber keypads have good texture. The surface of silicone rubber keypads are matte and smooth after oil coated. Oil coating is widely used in keypads with siliscreen printed characters & symbols, while laser etching silicone keypads are mostly PU coated.

oil coating silicone keypad

Other Rubber Keypad Surface Protections

Besides oil coating keypads, there are other three protection layers for silicone rubber keypads, PU (polyurethane) coating, epoxy coating and plastic keycaps. Compared with pu coating and epoxy coating, oil coating is the most economical way in keypads manufacturing, but PU coating keypads and epoxy coating keypads are more durable for their solid protection for the surface.

Oil coating silicone keypads and pu coating silicone keypads are all matte surfaces.  Epoxy coating rubber keypads have a transparent resin layer on the surface, so they look clear and beatiful. The cost of plastic keycaps is higher than epoxy coating, because plastic key covers need to be molded which will increase the mould cost and labor cost. These four kinds cover protections aim to increase the keypad life, surface icons or graphics and the silicone button colors.

silicone keypadplastic rubeer keypad

    Epoxy Coating Silicone Keyboard                                      Rubber Keypad with Plastic Key Caps

Silicone Keypad Types (Base On Different Conductive Ways)

The above silicone rubber buttons differs in different surface finish. But silicone rubber keypads can also be divide into four conductive keypads according to their conduction ways. They are conductive ink keypad, carbon pill keypad, golden pill silicone keyboard and metal dome silicone buttons. Conductive rubber keyboard has the conduction parts under the rubber button bottom. 

According to the different  resistance requirements, we can choose corresponding conductive keypads. For very low resistance, golden pill silicone buttons are a good choice. Carbon pills are a typical conduction way for the rubber keypad as its lower resistance and longer service life than conductive ink silicone keypad.

1. Carbon Pill Silicone Keypad

2. Conductive Ink Silicone Keypad

3. Golden Pill Silicone Keyboard

4. Metal Dome Rubber Keyboard

silicone keypad manufacturerconductive rubber keypad

silicone rubber buttonssilicone keyboard

Silicone Keypad Types (Base On Different Graphic Processing Ways)

The characters or graphics on the silicone button surface can be treated in two ways, silkscreen printing or laser etching. For illuminated keypad, the graphics are laser etched, so the led light can leak from the laser etched graphics. For silkcreen printed rubber keyboard, the ink is printed on the surface, and then go through the drying. All Pantone colors and RAL colors are available to do laser engraving or screen printed silicone keypad. We can provide the keypad solutions and suggestions for your keypad design and keypad production.

1. Backlit Keys

2. Silkscreen Printed Silicone Buttons

backlit keyssilicone rubber buttons

Oil Coating for Silicone Keypad Manufacturing Process


Better Silicone Keypad

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