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Why choose silicone rubber push buttons | custom silicone buttons

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Silicone rubber buttons also called as rubber push button, silicone rubber keypad, rubber push button.

Silicone rubber buttons are highly applied on various fields.

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Advantages of using silicone rubber buttons.

1. Eco-friendly. Silicone rubber buttons fully use silicone rubber as raw material, non-toxic,  silicone button pad.jpg

 tasteless, harmless, green.

2. With a fully sealed design, waterproof, dustproof, oil, acid and alkali resistance, 

can be used in any harsh environment, and can be disinfected and water cleaning.

3. Can be free to curl, easy to carry, and save space.

4. Silicone buttons, has a good resilience, silent percussion, soft and comfortable touch feeling.

5. Special design and production process, the keypad structure is exquisite, reliable performance and stability.

6. Silicone material is transparent, soft, flexible, when it completely set on the machine,

 it will not affect the operation of the machine.

7. Low quality but high quality.

8. Diverse colors, distinctive personality, unique surface treatment, the surface legends on buttons surface never fall off, do not fade. 

9. Different surface protections: Matt smooth coating; PU coating;Epoxy Coating; Plastic cap, which protect the silicone rubber buttons stay well in different application.

There are different ways to form the characters: Silkscreen printing, Laser Engraving and Compression Molding.  

Rubber button printing.jpg laser engraving buttons

embossing printing keyboard

Xiamen Better Silicone Import and Export Co., Ltd has rich experience on producing silicone rubber keypads used all kinds of technology and surface protective treatments. For instance, silk screen, laser etching, epoxy, dual durometers/colors, plastic rubber, metal dome and PU coating, etc.

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