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Why silicone rubber keypad button stuck?

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In the usual life, have you ever touched the button of the instrument and the button does not rebound? This is the phenomenon that the silicone button does not match the case and the keys are stuck.

Recently,one of our new customer meet such problems of stuck keys, he come to us for help.

For a silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, the stuck key condition is a poor function, which directly affects the quality and normal use of the keypad.

There are many reasons that cause keypad button stuck. There is reason for case and also for silicone button. Following share the reasons why some of the silicone key can not rebound when pressed down after the installation.

1. The mating structure between the silicone button and the outer case is not well designed, which cause rubber key stuck after the rubber keyboard is installed. This reason accounts for almost 90% of the problem. It is mainly reflected that the matching gap between the button and the outer case is too small or too large, and whether the center between the button and outer case is consistent, whether the button pad is ejected from mold well.

2. The lower actuation force and rebound force of the silicone keypad lead to stuck key. Two reasons: first, the design of button is too low, for example, according to the appearance of the button, weight, and the friction loss with outer case, it should need 50g actuation force to achieve good rebound of keypad,while, only set 20g actuation force when design the structure of the silicone keypad. If key webbing is thin, the actuation force is lower. It will also cause stuck keys. The second is that there is no problem with the actuation force design of button pad, but inexperienced silicone rubber keypad manufacturing process resulting in insufficient rebound force.

button travel (Travel or Stroke Sketch)

 rubber keypad travelsilicone rubber keypad travel

3. Eccentricity can cause the silicone keys to get stuck. Eccentricity is when pressing the rubber button, the keys is inclined to one side but not vertical sinking. It is usually caused by the wear of the silicone keypad mould positioning legs or improper positioning. Another reason is that uneven material placement when production.


4. The damage of the silicone rubber button leads to stuck keys . In this case, the rubber button pad is usually used for a long time, and key webbing breaks, so as to lead to the failure of rebound.


5. There are burrs and flashing on the outer case which cause button pad keys stuck. 

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