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  • [Keypad Knowledge] How to Fix the Problems of Painted Keypad | Backlight Keymat?

    When a rubber keymat or rubber membrane switch require backlighting, the mainly processing is “laser etching” being used. Laser etching refers to a process in which a high-powered CNC-controlled laser is utilized to remove a layer or layers of paint on a rubber keypad. It is the final steps in the e

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Common Problems of Backlit Keyboard | Laser Cutted Button

    Rubber Backlit Keyboard also called laser engraving keyboard, laser etched keyboard, laser cutted button keyboard, with backlight requirements, there are complicated processes to make the engraving rubber keyboard, kinds of problems will happen to each process, from silicone rubber keyboard compression molding, colors spraying/painting, to legends/icons/symbols/characters laser engraving, from surface protective coating, to packing and shipping. For laser backlit rubber keyboard, what are the common defects/problems our customers had?

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Build Your Own Silicone MIDI Pad Controller

    MIDI Pad ControllerMIDI Pad Controller also called as MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Controller, Silicone MIDI Pad.MIDI pad controllers are now some of the most important devices in music production and performance, acting as the tactile interface between you and your studio software and hardware, a

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Backlight Design Guide for Silicone Switches

    Backlight Silicone Switches with transparent light pipe, or laser etched icons, is also called rubber switches, silicone push button switch, led lights keyboard, made of silicone rubber/rubber according to switches application, generally widely used for electronics, musical instrument such as digital piano, MIDI, etc.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] How To Design The Gap Distance Between the Rubber Keypad and Housing Shell & Panel

    When we design a rubber keypad, not only we need to consider its tactile and non-tactile characteristics, water and chemical resistance property, laser etched or silkscreen surface characters, conduction way, surface protective coating etc., A qualified finished rubber button needs to be combined with the shell assembly of the button to determine its overall gap structure.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rapid Silicone Button Prototyping | How to Get Silicone Button Prototypes

    When you are designing a silicone rubber button or rubber keypad for your device, you may consider how to takes your design from paper to a product in a in the shortest time.Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,ltd provide you several solutions:1. Less Cavity Molded Rubber Prototyping Mold2. RTV Moldin

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Difference between Silkscreen Printing and Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Button Pad

    There are several ways to achieve silicone rubber button pad characters or pattern.Printing and laser etching are the mainly ways.And printing can be divided into silk screen printing and pad printing.Silkscreen PrintingSilkscreen printing is a process that uses a woven mesh plate to transfer ink to

  • [Keypad Knowledge] The Causes And Solutions Of Bubble Formation In Rubber Switch Keypad

    Rubber Switch Keypad bubbles, also known as silicone switch keyboard air pocket, rubber switch button air traces etc., Silicone button bubbles appear as white bubbles or small white spots on the product after molding. After tearing or cutting the bubbles, it can be seen that the inside of the bubbles is honeycomb-like (sponge-like) and feels soft and sticky. If the rubber switch keypad is formed with bubbles, it will affect the appearance of the product. If there are bubbles in some functional structures, it will even affect the function and service life of the silicone switch button. To prevent such problem, we need to know the causes of the rubber switch button bubbles and how to make solutions to it.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] How to isolate light for a backlit silicone switch keyboard?

    Backlit silicone switch keyboard also called as backlit silicone keyboard.For a backlit silicone switch keyboard, how to isolate light and prevent it from transferring from one button to another button is very important.There are several solutions.Backlit silicone switch keyboard also called as back

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Backlighting Options For A Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad

    Backlighting rubber keypad is the most common silicone rubber keypad design.Backlighting rubber keypad also called as backlit rubber keypad, illuminated membrane switch keypad.It is widely used in electronic products such as remote controls, industrial keyboards, medical devices, calculators and man

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