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what are synthetic resins?

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Synthetic resin is a kind of synthetic high molecular weight polymer.A kind of resin that combines or exceeds the inherent properties of natural resin.Synthetic resins are materials with properties similar to natural plant resins. 

ASTM D883-65 - t defined synthetic resin molecular weight without limit but are often of high molecular weight solid, semi-solid or fake (quasi) solid organic matter, the stress flow tendency, often with soften or melt scope and shells in bursts.

In practice it is often synonymous with polymer plastic even use on the one hand, especially to generated by the monomer polymerization reaction did not add any additives or only with very little additives added basic materials.In addition, it is sometimes used to represent unsolidified liquid thermosetting polymer materials.

Three of the world's synthetic materials include plasthetics, synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers.Polyresin is the highest production and consumption of synthetic materials.

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As the change of the world economic structure adjustment, the energy structure and the change of the economic growth mode in our country, under the circumstances of energy conservation and environmental protection, chemical industry market competition pattern changes and demand upgrade will bring great changes in industry.

From the raw material of  erinoide upstream, it is more diversified and lightweight to improve the competitiveness of products.From the demand side, a green, functional and differentiated requirements are proposed for synthetic resin products.In terms of trade, the future will increase exports to China because of the low cost advantages that the us shale gas has brought to its chemical industry.From the domestic competition pattern, coal chemical, propane dehydrogenation, methanol olefins will bring great challenges to the traditional petrochemical industry.In the short term, the production capacity of synthetic resin in China is increasing, and the demand continues to be low, and the synthetic resin will be in the low interest period in 2 ~ 3 years.

In the face of severe market, the synthetic resin of our country should take the road of technological innovation.In order to improve the technical content of the products, the synthetic resin enterprises in China will break through high technical barriers and lock users.Second, we should strengthen the technical service and after-sales service of the products, so that users can pay the highest price for the purchase cost.In order to improve the quality of products, enterprises can choose competitive users to visit and tailor products to meet the requirements of the other party to enhance quality management and certification, and to bind high-end customers.

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