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why silicon is used for nipples of feeding bottles?

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Silicone bottle is made of liquid silica gel (LSR) bottle, do not contain bisphenol A, also won't broken, excellent transparency, resistance to tear strength, resilience, yellow degeneration, heat aging resistance and weatherability.

When making the bottle, the viscosity of silica gel is moderate, easy to operate, and the product transparency is high. It can be seen whether the casting material in the mould has the defects such as bubble, the line shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%, and the reproduction size is precise.

Feeding bottles are divided into three types: first-generation 1G (Glass), second-generation 2G (Plastic PP\PES\ PPSU) (Plastic) and third-generation 3G (Silicone).silicon feeding bottle (1).png

In the fourth generation of bottles, the bottle has been transferred from the safety of materials to the convenience, safety, rationality, intelligence and comfort.Design with man-machine.

The fourth generation liquid silicone Feeding bottle is different from traditional straight Feeding bottle. The biggest feature is that the bottle has a curved curve in the head, which shows the characteristics of the bottle from three aspects:

1. By optimizing the body of the bottle, change the flow of the emulsion to prevent the latex from entering the ear canal, preventing the occurrence of middle ear infection, and the occurrence of false pharyngeal and choking milk;

2. The nipple is optimized by shape and texture to make the milk more similar to breast milk.

3. The bottle itself can measure the temperature of the milk, and it shows that it can be used to look at the temperature of the milk water on the protective sleeve.

Traditional is plastic bottles, and plastic in production must be added a lot of antioxidant, plasticizer, stabilizer, etc., these additives are harmful to human body, and plastic under the condition of high temperature causes a hormonal substance seeping and accumulation in human adipose tissue.And silica gel does not contain environmental hormone, use medical grade silicon to make, the baby is safe, healthy.Silica gel is also a kind of material that can breathe. Even if it is kept at room temperature, the breast milk is not perishable, and it is better to maintain the freshness of breast milk when refrigerated or frozen.Because silicone is a harmless, colorless, tasteless material, we can use it safely.

silicon feeding bottle (2) (1)

The texture of silica gel is very soft because of its own characteristics. It gives the baby a feeling like mother's skin.Sterilization in boiling water or in the microwave will not cause deformation. Silicone Feeding bottles will be more heat-resistant than regular plastic bottles, and there will be no problem with long sterilization.When you remove the plastic part, just place the silicone Feeding bottle and the pacifier in the water to disinfect (disinfection: once or twice a week).Silicone Feeding bottles do not contain environmental hormones that are harmful to infants, nor do they need to change the bottle. They can be used for long periods only if they are replaced with a pacifier.When a baby grows up, it can be replaced with a Mug Cup lid.Then adults can use it as a water bottle or leave it to the next generation.


Silica gel is a kind of material with human skin feeling, a good silicon feeding bottle is good at first.When feeding the baby, the baby often holds the bottle and milk with small hands;Good tactility is beneficial to the emotional stability of the baby, it can help the development of the emotional intelligence of the baby, which is also impossible to compare with other material bottles.A nice silicon feeding bottle should have good elasticity. The elasticity of silica gel is different from rubber: it will not be the elastic of the hard state. The elasticity of silicone is soft and delicate.At the same time, it is possible to fill a bottle with hot water to try it, and it will feel more like a human skin.

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