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Conductive gold pill silicone rubber keypad

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Conductive Metal Pill Keypad & Golden Pills Silicone Keyboard

The superior insulation properties of silicone are well known, but the application of silicone keyboard often requires the silicone button to have electrical conductivity. What is the conductivity ways of the silicone rubber keypad?

To do a conductive keypad, there are four ways:

1. Conductive carbon pills

2. Conductive paint

3. Metal dome

4. Conducitve golded pills

Conductive Rubber Keypad

Among the above conductive ways for rubber keyboard, copper pills are less common. 

How to produce silicone rubber keypad with golden pills?

The advantage of condutive metal gold pills that the conductive resistance can reach nearly 0 Ω, and the surface of the metal particles is gold-plated, 

which is effective against oxidation. Like conductive carbon pills, metal pills require that the shape of the conductive cohntact is usually a circular shape of 0.5 times, but the production cost is much higher than conductive carbon pills.

conductive pills keypad

Gold plated pills are used to support extremely low contact resistance requirements for silicone rubber keypad, button applied to electrical appliances and medical/healty care products.

conductive silicone buttons

Silkscreen Printing Keypad With Conductive Metal Pills

gold-plated pills conductive keypad

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