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Custom Silicone Rubber Keyboard Guide

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Rubber Keyboard & Silicone Keyboard

Rubber Keyboard & Silicone Keyboard, knowns as Silicone Rubber Keypad, Silicone Rubber Buttons, Silicone Keymats, which is made from elastomeric translucent & transparent elastomeric silicone rubber materials by compression moldingis widely used in industrial electronic products, medical device, machinery, consumer products as a reliable silicone switches.

Silicone Keyboard.jpg

Silicone Rubber Keyboard Design Structure: 

Silicone Keyboard Design.jpg

1. Silicone Rubber button, 

2. Rubber button pads, 

3. Silicon Rubber key & button webbing, 

4. button travel

5. keypad conduction

Rubber Keyboard Surface Symbols & Icons: 

1. Screen Printing

2. Laser Cutting Legends for LED backlight

3. Embossed & Debossed Molded Symbols

Silicone Rubber Keyboard Conduction

1. Graphite Pads & Carbon Pills

2. Electrically Conductive Printing Ink

Silicone Keypad.jpg

3. Metal Domes

4. Gold & Copper Pads

5. Nickle Pills

Silicone Keyboard Surface Symbols & Icons Protection

1. Rubber Keyboard with Matte Smooth Coating

2. Rubber Keyboard with PU Coating

3. Rubber Keyboard with Epoxy Coating

4. Silicone Keyboard with Plastic Button Cap

5. Silicone Keyboard with Metal Button Cap

Keyboard Design or Manufacturing Process Notes:

Silicone Keyboard Designers or Manufacturers, not only in consideration of actuation force and silicone rubber keypads structure like silicone buttons travels, keypad conductive materials, silicone rubber buttons webbing, but also should in view of silicone surface & materials demands, like symbols & icons, protective keyboard cover, silicone keypads materials choice & transparency, hardness, color spraying coating.

Silicone Keyboard Cover

Silicone Rubber Keypad conduction

Silicone Keyboard & Button Travels: 
The distance between silicone button's conduction tand PCB conductive layers
Commer Silicone Keypad Travel choose: 0.9mm - 1.2mm

Silicone Keyboard Actuation Force:
Mainly choose 90grams - 180 grams for good tactile feel & sense

Rubber Button Travel
Silicone Keypad Stroke Curve

Silicone Rubber Keyboard Features

Rubber Keypad    Silicone Membrane Keyboard
Silk Scree
n Printing 
Rubber Keyboard              Self Adhesive Silicone Membrane Keyboard

Printted Characters or symbols on silicon keypad’s surface       Silicone Keypads with self adhesive tape & film

Laser Engraving Keypad    Remote Control Keypad
Laser Cutting Silicone Keyboard                      Remote Control Silicon Keyboard

Laser Etched Process for Desired Backlight Symbols               Multi-Process for TV Set, Air Condition & Fan Remote Controller

Epoxy Coating Rubber Keymat    Conductive Keyboard

Epoxy Coating Silicone Keyboard & Keymat  Electrically Conductive Ink Printing Keyboard

Epoxy Resin Coating for Keypad's Surface Protection             Transfer Conductive Printing for Keyboard Conduction

PU Coating Silicon Keypad    graphite rubber keypad

PU Coating Silicone Keyboard                           Carbon Pill Silicone Keyboard

PU ink Coating for Button & Silicone Icons Protection                      Black Carbon Pills for Keypads Conduction

P+R Rubber Keypad    Metal Pill Rubber Keypad

Plastic Rubber (P + R) Keyboard                       Silicone Keyboard with Metal Pills

Silicone Rubber Keypad Glued Plastic Button Caps                Copper & Golden Pills for Keypads Conductive

Overmoulding Rubber Keypad    nickel pill rubber keypad
Different Hardness Silicone Keyboard              Silicon Keyboard with Conductive Nickle Pills

Overmolding buttons + pads, Dual durometer Keypad          Keyboard Pill which mixed with conductive Nickle Powder
fluorescent silicone keyboard    Silicone Membrane Keyboard

Fluorescent & Glow-in-Dark Keyboard            Silicone Keypads with Metal Domes

Mixed Fluorescent powder with silicone before molded            Backing Adhesive Metal Domes + Silicone Rubber Keyboar
Membrane Keyboard    Silicone Button Pad

Membrane Keyboard & Switches                      Silicone  Rubber Buttons

Keypad Processes
Our Company

Xiamen Better Silicone Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Products for a wide range of applications. Our  silicone rubber keypad solutions combine excellent conductivity, reliability and long life span, which can meet all the environment's requirements and fit your individual needs.

Our company also make Silicone Rubber Compression Molding, Plastic Injection Molding, LSR injection Molding, and produce different kinds of elastomers silicone rubber components, plastic & liquid silicone rubber injection parts etc according to customers 2D & 3D design drawings or samples.

Silicone Rubber Keyboard Quick Quotation Requirements

1. Offer 2D & 3D Design drawings or samples

2. Keyboards Legends demands.

3. Silicone Keyboards Surface Protective Coating Demands.

4. Silicone Rubber Keybpard Conduction Ways or Resistance Demands

5. Quantity Demands


Better Silicone Keypad

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  

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