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Designing Backlit legends on Silicone Rubber Button

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Definition of laser engraved silicone rubber keyboard.

The laser engraved silicone button refers to the rubber button that uses the laser cutting  process. 

The laser engraving rubber keypad, also known as laser engraved silicone button,laser marking button pad.

It is a process of surface treatment using optical principles.

Usually, to spray the specific color on the transparent silicone button (the color of the spraying is determined according to the design ) firstly,

 and then use laser etching equipment to carved on the surface of silicone rubber keypad’ink according to designed characters. 

The position of the character would be free of ink, then to achieve light transmitting. Only the characters have backlight effect.

How to identify the laser etched silicone rubber button pad?

1.Touch the surface characters,it the rubber keypad is laser etched texts, that would be a little concave feeling.

silicone keymat

2.If the backside of rubber keypad is transparent silicone rubber color, 90% is silicone rubber laser engraved keypad(silicone primary color).

silicone button pad

3.Light the back of silicone rubber button keypad,if the characters is transmitting and the edge is opaque, 

that is laser engraving rubber keypad.

backlight rubber keyboard

push button pad

Advantages of laser etching silicone rubber keyboard.

1. High precision.

2. Beautiful appearance.

3. The rubber button characters have backlight effect under the dark environment,which are easy to operate.

4. Silicone rubber keyboard with laser etching technology looks three-dimensional.

5. Longer keypad lifetime than common printing rubber keyboard.

Applications of laser engraved silicone button pad.

Laser engraving silicone buttons are widely used in electronic dictionaries, industrial equipment control panels, 

medical device control panels, handheld mobile devices, remote controls, etc.

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in producing silicone rubber keypads used all kinds of 

technology and surface protective treatments. For instance, silk screen, laser etching, epoxy, dual durometers/colors, 

plastic rubber, metal dome and PU coating, etc.

Better Silicone Keypad

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