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Electrically Conductive Paint for Plastic Case

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Conductive Paint is always applied for plastic case of electronice products.

The outer casing of electronic products is generally a plastic product, which has no barrier function for electromagnetic radiation generated.

This type of electromagnetic interference can be shielded after applying conductive shielding paint.

conductive painting for plastic

What is conductive spray paint for plastic case?

Conductive Paint for Plastic also called as Electrically Conductive Paint,Conductive Shielding Paint,Copper Conductive Paint.

Conductive Paint are made by adding conductive metal powder to a specific resin material                         

Conductive Paint Material for Shieldingto make a paintable paint. After the electrically conductive coating is dried to form a paint film, 

it will be conductive, thereby achieving the function of shielding electromagnetic.

Conductive Paint uses composite particles containing copper and silver as conductive particles,

which has good electrical conductivity. It is an anti-electromagnetic interference paint made of

electroplated silver particles.

Conductive Paint is sprayed and brushed to make the completely insulated non-metallic or 

non-conductive surface have the characteristics of absorbing, conducting and attenuating 

electromagnetic waves like metal, thereby shielding electromagnetic wave interference. 

The appearance of conductive paint effectively solves the problem of non-metallic 

surface to achieve electrical connection.

Conductive Paint can be used as spraying material for the plastic casing for mobile phones,calculators, 

precision instruments .

conductive paint for plastic

The Advantage of Conductive Spray Coating

Performance advantage-Stable electrical conductivity and wide coverage

Processing advantage-Simple process and operation.Lower cost in the early stage for samples. Generally, only need 2days to make samples.

Eco-friendly advatage-Conductive painting is a kind of shielding coating, metal coating. There ia no harmful chemical components, safe in production and operation, harmless to human body, which is a technologically eco-friendly coating.

Cost advantage-According to production required, it can be stored when not in use. There is also little waste in operation, and the

rejection rate is low (it can be 2%). Even if there are defective products, they can be reworked and sprayed, and will not be scrapped. The material requirements are not high, so the production cost is low.

conductive paint plastic

Conductive Paint Application

Conductive paint have been used in a variety of military and civilian industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, chemicals, and printing. Correspondingly, the theoretical research of conductive coatings has also developed rapidly, and has promoted the maturity and improvement of applied technologies.

electrically conductive paint conductive paint for plastic keyboard

Conductive Painting Used in Laptop                                        Emi Shielding Paint in laptop enclosure 

conductive spray paint for plastic electric conductive painting

Shielding Coatings used in wireless network card                  Electrically Conductive Spray Paint for cell phone case

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