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How to Repair Rubber Keypad

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Rubber Keypads are widely used in remote controls for TV, airconditioning, audio and so on. Genrallly, under the silicone rubbber keypads are the conduction parts such as conductive ink or condcutive carbon pills.  When we press the button, the conductive parts will push against the circuit board and the electric current occurs. However, the conductive carbon pills or conductive ink will wear over time, which will cause the poor conduction and irresponsive keypads. The following are some rubber keypad repair tips.

rubber keypad repair kit

Rubber Keypad Repair Kits: screwdriver, brush, cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, 2B pencil or aluminum

Step 1: Take out the batteries and take down the screws from the platic remote control cover with the screwdriver. Split the two halves covers. Put aside the circuit board carefully.

Rubber Keypad Repair

Step 2:  Brush softly the the circuit board with the little brush. Use the swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the circuit board.

rubber keypad repair kit

Step 3: Use 2B pencil to paint the conductive carbon pills slightly. Don't use H type pencils, because B type pencials contain more graphite which is a kind of conduction parts. Paint the graphite evenly on the carbon pill surface.  If there is no pencil, alumimum foil is also feasible. Cut a small square foil and stick it to the carbon pill.

Silicone Keypad Repair

Step 4: Put the circuit board and rubber keypad to the plastic covers and screw the covers.

How to repair remote control keypad

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