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Matte Smooth Coating

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Matte Smooth Oil Cover & Coating

Silicone Rubber Keypads.jpgMatte Smooth Coating, also called matte smonth cover, which silicone keypads, silicone cover or rubber sleeves & products is coated by matte oil & flat oil, in aim to improve silicone products abrasion performance and dust-proofing effects, and also have good touch feels, flat silicone keypads & sleeve or cover surfaces. antistatic agent.

Smooth Oils have different kinds according to different demands or protection effects.

1. Surface effects: Glossy smooth oil, matte smooth oil, dull polish oil.

2. Wear-resisting effects: Common Wearproof or High Abrasion Resistance

3. Curing & Solidification Temperature: High-temperature solidification oils and low-temperature solidification oils (difference depends on platinum catalyst contect & ratios)

4. Manufacturing Process: Spraying Matte smooth Coating and Silk Screen Printing Matte Oils.

Matte Smooth Oils performance index for Silicone Rubber Keypads & Silicone Cover Sleeves

Silicone Case Cover.jpgAdhesive Force: Paint Adhesion Testing, three times 3M610# tape-5B.

Abrasive Resistance: RCA, 175g  twenty-eighth times/20um

High Temperature and High Humidity: -80oC/95%RH-48 Hours

Salt Fog Resistance: 5% NaCL, Spray Tank Temperature 35oC, Saline Water Suction Volume 1ml/h, 72 Hours

Alcohol Resistance: 99.3% ethyl alcohol, Positive Pressure 500g, frictional machine length 16mm: 68 times/Min

Weather Reistance: ultraviolet irradiation 250μW/cm2-300h

Thermal Shock: 80℃×1hr ~—40℃×1hr

Matte Smooth Coating Main Application

1. Silicone Rubber Keypads

2. Silicone Sleeves & Silicone Cover

Silicone Phone Protection Case, Tablet PC Cover, Ipads housing Cover, Silicone Rubber Handle Grips, Silicone Wristband, Silicone Necklace & Rings etc.

Rubber Handle Cover.jpgSilicone Keyboard Cover.jpg

Better Silicone Keypad

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