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Silicone Rubber Buttons for Remote Controller

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Silicone Rubber Buttons for Remote Controller
Silicone Rubber Buttons for remote controller, known as Remote Control Keyboard, Remote Controller Button, which is   mostly made of elastomer silicone rubber materials by rubber compression molding, some made of hard or elastomeric plastic key cap & cover.
Remote Control Keypad Main Applications: TV set, air condition, electric fan, radio, smart appliance etc.

Remote Control Rubber Buttons have multicolor buttons & Keys in aim to create a eye-catching effect, which is made by keypad key-setting process, silkscreen printing, color spraying coating or legends laser etching ( backlighting ).  Some Remote Control Keypad can glow in dark conditions, because the silicone rubber keypad materials are mixed with fluorescent powder.


Remote Control Keypad, generally need pretective surface process: Matting & matte smooth, Epoxy Coating, PU Coating or Buttons with plastic cap & cover.

Remote controller button conduction modes: Black Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Printing or Metal Dome. 

Notes: Some remote control keypad can not conduct electricity like silicone keyboard cover.
Some Remote control keypad with backing adhesive gum for waterproof or dustproof.

Silicone Rubber Remote Control Buttons - Setting Process:
Silicone Rubber Remote Control Button Main Applications: TV set, air condition, electric fan, radio, etc. Nowadays, with the development of smart home appliance, remote control keypad are playing different roles in switches industry.

Remote Control Buttons Screen Printing:

Remote Control Keypad Matting & Matte Smooth

777888Remote Control Keypad Electrically Conductive Ink Printing
Epoxy Coating Remote Control Keypad
Metal Dome Remote Control Keypad
Remote Control Keypad with Black Carbon Pills
Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keypad with Plastic Key Cap:

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