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Why is Plastic Rubber Keyboard Widespread Used?

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Plastic Rubber Keyboard

Plastic rubber keypad, knowns as P+R Keypad &Plastic button cover, which is a combination of plastic button cover and rubber button pad. Plastic button covers are made through injection molding, printing or spraying oil, laser etching, punching and other processes, form different colors, different texts or symbols. Silicone rubber buttons are made by compression molding. After the two parts have been processed and brushed, finally assemble the plastic button cover with rubber button pad by the appropriate amount of adhesive, pressing and other processes, mainly used in electronic dictionary, bank password, tablet computer and other electronic and electrical products.


Why Chooses Plastic Rubber keypad?

1. Not only taking full benefit of plastic key & button cover materials, also making use of elastomeric sealing functions of silicone rubber materials.The combination of plastic and rubber can achieve good touch feeling, wear-resisting effect, anti-dust and backlighting effect.

2.molded in many shapes and contours to enhance generous special appearance, having hard shell protection, a variety of custom-make processes, combinations and colorful key designs.

3.With complex production processes(often needed secondary molding or secondary processing), and high cost, generally used in high-grade electronics production.

Plastic Rubber Keypad Surface Texts and Symbols Treatment Processes

1.Silkscreen Printing Process

First, making the printing tool and mix the ink, then put plastic parts on the positioning tool, and start printing, in order to make the printing result thicker & more beautiful, need printing on the surface twice.


2.Laser Etching process

 After finished plastic button covers production, the laser etching covers are sprayed opaque coating. First processing coated color (inner color) is same to the desired legends color, and the second processing coating color which is cover surface colors.

After finished the laser covers coating, puting the covers into the laser carving machines for laser etching process.

In order to protect the texts, symbols or spray surface of keypad and improve the life of keypadit general needs to do surface treatment: UV coating or PU coating(Glossy or Matte Smooth, mainly depends on keypad working environment.)





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