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Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard
Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard
Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard


Rubber Contact Strip for Digital Piano Keyboard

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Rubber Contact Strip is used in digital piano keyboard. Conduction of silicone contact strip is important, which will affect piano performance. Rubber keyboard contact generally includes conductive ink printing keyboard and carbon pill rubber buttons.
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Rubber Contact Strip is silicone rubber buttons used in digital piano keyboard. Silicone Contact strip conductive way is carbon pills or conductive ink printing. Rubber Contact Strip for piano keyboard is made from silicone which is elastomer with good tensile force and rebound force. 

Flexible Keyboard

Rubber Keyboard Contact should be with good actuation force to assure good tactile feeling of digital piano. Actuation force of silicone keyboard for piano is smaller than that of other keyboards, about 150g-200g. 

Rubber Keyboard for Piano

Rubber Contact Strip for Piano Keyboard Types

Silicone Contact Strip is manufactured by rubber compression molding, and it includes two types according to its conductive way.

Carbon Pills Rubber Keyboard

Resistance of this rubber contact is smaller than conductive ink, about 20-100 Ohms. In production, carbon pills are placed into molding cavities with postion tools, and then are molded with silicon contact strips together.

Carbon pill shape can only be round shape.

Conductive Ink Printing Rubber Keyboard Contact

Conductive ink resistance is about 80-200 Ohms. Rubber keyboard contact is compression molded first, and then conductive ink is printed to the bottom of keyboard. Though it is resistance is larger, but conductive ink printing rubber contact is cheaper than carbon pill keyboard.

Conductive ink printing can be different shapes, like round, retangular or ring shape etc. It is fexible to choose different shapes for rubber keyboard conduction.

Electronic Keyboard Key Contacts

Rubber Contact Strip Compression Molding

Rubber Contact for piano keyboard requires better tactile feel - actuation force, so button webbing must be done well in compression molding. Button webbing is crucial to determine actuation force of rubber keyboard.

If button webbing thickness isn't uniform, silicone button will get stuck in the keyboard and can not bounce up. Keyboard tactile feel is bad as well. Besides, thin button webbing will cause sinking button too. 

If the button webbing is thick, actuation force will become large, resulting in large force to press the keyboard down.

Conductive Rubber Keyboard

Electronic Keyboard

Rubber Buttons

Thus in rubber contact compression molding processing, we should pay much attention to button webbing processing to make sure the keybord buttons with even thickness.

Electronic Rubber Keyboard for Piano or Midi Keyboard

4x4 Midi Keyboard

4x4 Rubber Keyboard

Rubber Foldable Keyboard

Transparent Piano Keyboard

Rubber Keyboard Piano

Silkscreen Printing Keyboard

Silicone Keyboard Cover

Backlit Keyboard Contact

Rubber Keyboard Cover



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