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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket

Silicone Shower Nozzle Gasket, also known as Rubber Shower Nozzle Gasket, Silicone Shower Spray Nozzle Gasket, were originally a device of watering, potted and other plants. Later, some people converted it into shower equipment, making it a common bathroom supplies.

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket Specification

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket Production Process

Our company, Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd, is specializing in making compression molding and LSR Injection mold for silicone shower head nozzles (nozzles gasket), faucet nozzles & gaskets..

Our core advantage:

1. Own mold designs and making technology (since 1998)

2. Own silicone rubber &LSR production plants.

3. Rich experience in shower head & faucet nozzles gasket production and test since 2004 years

4. One stop service from mold-making to silicone rubber&plastic&LSR production.

5. Well knowledge in spraying nozzles materials choice, durometer(hardness) adjustment.

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket Advantages

a. Silicone shower head nozzle seal can achieve the effect of Anti clogging, deodorization

b. Silicone bath shower spray is anti-aging, high&low temperature resistance.

c. Silicone Shower Nozzle Gasket is easy to clean up. We only need to squeeze the water hole to clean up the incrustation.

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket Types

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rubber shower head nozzle gasket.jpg

rubber shower head.jpg

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Rubber Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Gasket Basic Knowledge

Silicone shower nozzles’ spout can be divided into 2 kinds, hard plastic ebonite and soft rubber. Hard plastic ebonite refers to the surface of the water cover itself, soft rubber generally employ TPR or TPE, also silica gel (Non-secondary injection, but after the vulcanization then put into the shower cover).

Rubber Shower Nozzle Gasket choosing method: silicone shower head looks all the same from the appearance, but when you are choosing, you have to pay attention to the spray result. Good Silicone Shower Spray Nozzle Gasket can make sure the spray of every tiny hole is balanced and can achieve the rainfall shower result in different water pressure.

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