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Adheisve Backed Rubber Feet

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Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet

Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet are rubber bumpers with 3M adhesive or other double side tape on the back side, which is also known as self adhesive rubber feet, or 3M rubber bumper feet. They are widely used in electronics or furniture as non-slip feet, like laptops or chairs, to stabilize objects and protect contacting surface from scratch.

3M adhesive can be applied to different material. Rubber feet material includes clear silicone, black neoprene, EPDM, SBR, nitrile (NBR), PU, foam rubber etc.

Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

Self Adhesive Rubber Feet also can be compatible with different double side adhesive. For most silicone feet, the common type adhesive is 3m 9448A double sided tape, because this type of adhesive performs well in cold and heat environment, but not affect its adhesion. Moreover, 3M adhesive rubber feet can stick to high surface energy plastic and metal very well.

Non-slip Adhesive Feet

Non-slip 3M Adhesive Rubber Feet Manufacturing Process

Advantages of Self Adhesive Rubber Feet


Anti-vibration bumpers & shock aborber

Good weather resistance

Non slip

Good adhesion to different material, like wood, metal, plastic electronics, glass etc.

Good resistance chemical solvent 

adhesive rubber feet for electronics

Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet Working Conditions (Temperature)

Adhesion of 3M Rubber Feet will be different in different working temperature.

Without any external influence, double sided adhesion can work well under 70°C. But when peal off rubber feet compulsively, stickness will be weakened.

With temperature rising from 40°C, adhesion of rubber feet becomes weaker. When temperature is over  70°C, adhesion will be reduced largely.

Without any external influence, adhesion of 3M rubber feet will not be affected in 0°C to 40°C.

But when temperature is below 0°C, double sided adhesive tape is froze, and will fall off from rubber feet.


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