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Self Adhesive Push Button

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Color: Any PMS/Pantone colors or RAL colors
Size: Based on customer's design drawing
Material: Silicone rubber & based on customer's requirements
Min Order: 500 Pieces
Sales Models: OEM/ODM/Custom manufacturering
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Self Adhesive Buttons

Self adhesive buttons, also called adhesive push button, self adhesive rubber buttons, self adhesive plastic buttons, self adhesive push buttons, self adhesive push button switch, self adhesive keypad, adhesive silicone buttons, back adhesive buttons, back adhesive keypad, self adhesive keyboard, self adhesive membrane, which is conveniently used for PCB or any other required plane.




What Is Self Adhesive Silicone Rubber Buttons?

Silicone rubber button is molded by compression molding or liquid silicone rubber(LSR) injection molding. 

Adhesive is a kind of glue or tape, which can bond separate surfaces together by an adhesive process. 

Self rubber button pad is button bonded with back single-sided or double-sided adhesive tape or adhesive glue.



Where Is The Adhesive Push Buttons Or Pads Used For?

Adhesive backing is suitable for both conductive button and non-conductive button.

Self adhesive button can be used for PCB or other required plane, only need by an adhesive process.


Back Adhesive Keypad

Why Some Push Button Or Pad Needs Adhesive Tape/Glue?

Advantages of self adhesive buttons:

1. Adhesive tape can as sealing agent, which has good waterproof function, even can reach IP grade if customers required. 

Besides, cementation effect for button and PCB or other surface is good, in order to eliminate the effect of self-loosening caused by dynamic loads, sealing of areas to prevent oxidation and corrosion, waterproofing, etc.

2. Improve dust-proof efficiency of electronic products & devices;
3. Adhesive backing can ease the friction between the button bottom surface and the electronic components on the circuit board, and prolong their life.


Disadvantages of adhesive button pad membrane:

The adhesive process is hand-made, so the efficiency of adhesive process is not high.

Self Adhesive Buttons (3)


How To Make Adhesive Process To Buttons/Pads/Membranes?

Note: Due to its release properties, silicone rubber is difficult to bond with pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as double-sided adhesive,which need a special treatment agent to treat the surface of product first so that to bond with double-sided adhesive tightly.

Some rubber materials are not suit to sticky & backing adhesive tape & gum.

And different silicone rubber materials need to coated with different treating agent and different back adhesive tape/glue.


Process Of Silicone Rubber Button Pad With Backing Adhesive:

First, make buttons by compression molding/liquid silicone rubber LSR injection molding;
Second, clean and disinfect both surfaces of button by disinfectant or alcohol;
Third, add the diluent in proportion and mix well for preparation;
Forth, apply the treating agent evenly to the area where silicone rubber button pad needs backing adhesive, and then place the silicone rubber button pad in a cool and ventilated place until the treating agent dries naturally;
Fifth, after the treatment agent on the silicone rubber button pad is naturally dried, apply the double sided backing adhesive tape to the rubber button pad. The adhesive tape should not be a little off and should not have bubbles.

To conclusion, backing adhesive silicone rubber button pad should be treated with treating agent during processing, otherwise it will cause adhesive falling out.

It is also important to keep the adhesive area cleanly before application backing adhesive.



If big silicone rubber push button, burring firstly, then deal with silicone treatment agent and adhesive tape/film.

If small silicone rubber switch buttons, generally dealing with silicone treatment agent and self adhesive tape/film firstly, then use die-cutting mold to burring.

Self Adhesive Buttons (2)


Self Adhesive Push Buttons

Adhesive Push Button Quick Quotation Guide:

Please tell us where is your button/membrane used for, then we can decide which kind of adhesive glue tape is suitable.

Our Advantages Of Manufacturing Adhesive Button:

1. High precision mold and die-cutting tool;

2. Strict adhesive process control;

3. Experienced factory people;

4. Professional engineers’ analysis;

5. So that our company can manufacture beautiful button with uniform adhesive tape and efficiency is high.

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