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Self Adhesive Rubber Buttons 

Adhesive Rubber Buttons also known as self adhesive buttons, adhesive push button, adhesive button switch, which is made from elastomeric silicone rubber materials with double sided tapes, like 3M tape. Similar to self adhesive waterproofing membrane, adhesive button pads are popular and common now, widely used for protective cover, keypad switch, pianos, automotive keypad and electric appliance.

3M Adhesive Rubber Buttons

Self Adhesive keypad cover

Adhesive Rubber Buttons Application

The adhesive tape can be divided into different types and it can be used in many rubber products, like silicone keyboard cover, membrane switches, adhesive rubber foot pad, adhesive bumper and so on. The selection of adhesive tape depends on product working environment and adhesion requirements. 3M rubber tape is common one.

Adhesive Membrane Keyboard

The most common way for combining the silicone rubber button pad with plastic, metal or other products is overmolding by compression mold or injection mold. But adhesiving is another option. 

Self Adhesive Buttons are mainly bonded with plastic, or hardware materials to achieve great waterproof, dustproof effect or other function.

Waterproof Adhesive Keypad

Self Adhesive Rubber Keypads also can be pasted on electronic PCB as switch keyboard. In general, the rubber conductive adhesive button keypads glued with metal domes can be sticked on PCB directly.

adhesive membrane

Adhesive Rubber Buttons Structure

Rubber conductive Adhesive Buttons

adhesive switch membrane

Adhesive Rubber Buttons Manufacturing Process

1.Making Silicone Rubber Buttons by compression mold or liquid silicone rubber LSR injection mold

2.Removing the flashing firstly, and then continue making adhesive process 

3.Using disinfectant or alcohol to clean and disinfect the silicone button pad surface

4.Apply the treating agent evenly to the area where silicone rubber button pad needs backing adhesive, and then place the silicone rubber button pad in a cool and ventilated place until the treating agent dries naturally. It should be well-distributed and should not coat on the surface of silicone buttons

5.Put the adhesive in the position tool and accurate placed stick double sides silicone 3m tape. The surface of 3m tepe should be even, without bubbles

6.Check the silicone glue one by one, and packaging them

adhesive button pad

However, in the adhesive process, silicone rubber is difficult to bond with pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as double-sided adhesive, which need a special treatment agent to treat the surface of product first so that to bond with double-sided adhesive tightly. Spraying the treating agent will affect the adhesive switch appearance. Therefore, the treating agent should be applied by hand, so the efficiency will not high.

Adhesive Rubber Buttons Advantages

Adhesive tape can as sealing agent and achieve good waterproof effect. It is convenient to combine self stick silicone button pads with PCB, plastic and other products.

Good cementation effect of button and PCB or other surface can eliminate self-loosening caused by dynamic loads. The sealing areas can prevent oxidation and corrosion etc.

Adhesive backing can ease the friction between the button bottom surface and the electronic components on the circuit board, and prolong their life.

Adhesive silicone keyboard protective cover have good anti dust function

adhesive backed rubber

Our Strengths

Xiamen Better Silicone rubber Co., Ltd as a reliable adhesive/sticky rubber pads, button keypad manufacturer and suppliers, provides various designs and offers professional service for you.  

1. High precision mold and die-cutting tool;

2. Strict adhesive process control;

3. Experienced factory people;

4. Professional engineers' analysis;

5. Various beautiful adhensive buttons and other silicone rubber products for different working environment and application.

Adhesive Button Switch



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