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  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rubber Button Stuck/Jammed On Silicone Rubber Keyboard

    What causes keys/buttons to stuck on a keyboard? For a silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, the stuck key condition is a poor function, which directly affects the quality and normal use of the keypad. There are many reasons that cause keypad button stuck. There is reason for case and also for silicone button. Following share the reasons why some of the silicone key can not rebound when pressed down after the installation.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Proper Mold Venting to Prevent Air Traps in LSR Injected Silicone Keyboard Production

    Air Traps occur easily in LSR injected silicone keyboard with button webbing. Air trap is that air get stuck in the mold cavity and can not run away from mold vents. Air traps always happen in the last-to-fill area and thick-to-slim area. Air traps in injection mold will cause defeects in molded parts, like voids and bubbles, short shoot also known as incomplete fill.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] How to Laser Etch Clear Symbols on Backlit Silicone Keyboard

    Backlit Silicone Keyboard also is known as backlight silicone keypad, laser etching rubber buttons or luminous rubber keymat. where LED or LCD lights transmit light to the keyboard symbols. Backlighting rubber keyboard is made of transparent silicone. Then different color ink is coated to the clear button pad surface. Finally symbols on silicone keyboard are laser engraved. So silicone keyboard is able to glow in night.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] How to Design a Silicone Switch Button with Button Webbing

    Silicone Switch Button with key webbing is conductive rubber switch, which includes conductive contact under the silicone buttons. Conductive silicone switch button includes many types, carbon pills silicone switch, conductive ink button pad, metal pills rubber switch buttons. They differ in the electrical resistance and the usage lifetime.

  • [Silicone Keypad Case Studies] What is TPV Thermoplastic Elastomer Keyboard | Rubber Injection Molding

    TPV material are thermoplastic elastomers that combine the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of thermoplastics. It exhibits many of the properties found in EDPM, and is compounded by encapsulating EDPM rubber particles in a polypropylene (PP) matrix. Specific properties of TPV include good compression and tension properties, chemical resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, dimensional stability, and durable performance.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Silicone Button Pads Symbol Design Guide

    Silicone Rubber Keyboard is processed by compression molding used silicone raw material. Produce silicone rubber keyboard need a lot of processed: mix material and color, compression molding, conductive process: carbon pills, conductive ink printing, metal pills, nickel pills;surface symbols: laser

  • [Silicone Keypad Case Studies] Clear Silicone Rubber Light Guides| Light Pipes Applied On Silicone Rubber Keyboard

    When you design a silicone rubber keyborad which may need clear transparent light guides or light pipes to transfer light from a circuit board. How to produce clear silicone light guides or light pipes on a multicolor silicone rubber keyboard.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Rubber CAN Bus Keypad for Vehicle Display Controller | Automative Keypad

    Rubber CAN Bus Keypad CAN Bus Keypad is known as rubber CAN keypad cover and CAN switch button which is widely used in automative dispaly contoller. Rubber CAN bus keypad is a keyboard cover made of clear silicone material. Different from common conductive silicone keypad, CAN bus keypad is designed with thicker wall to be full-sealed and waterproof.

  • [Keypad Knowledge] Metal Domes Metal Pills Contact Silicone Rubber Keyboard

    Metal Dome made of stainless steel, is an important part of the switch. With the conduction of the metal dome, it plays a high-quality switch between the operator and the product. At the same time, the use of the stable resilience of the metal dome (automatic return after pressing), and the long life, provide the operator with high-quality tactile feedback. The metal dome is mainly used in a membrane switch with printed circuit board and silicone rubber keyboard.

  • [Silicone Keypad Case Studies] Analysis of Complicated Silicone Keypad Buttons Manufacturing Technology

    Silicone keypad buttons can made with complicated processing technology to have

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