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Material: Silicone Rubber, FVMQ Fluoro Silicone, and Liquid Silicone Rubber
Legends: Screen Printing or Laser Etching & Engraving
Molded Way: Compression Molded & Injection Molded
Conductive Way: Carbon Pills, Conductive Ink Printing, Metal Domes, Metal Pills
Surface Protective: PU Coating, Matte Smooth Coating, Epoxy Coating, Plastic & Metal
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Conductive Rubber Keyboard Design Guide

Conductive rubber keyboard is a kind of keypad that can conduct electricity through a certain conductive rubber adhesive.

When push down the key button that connect with the PCB, then the keypad can conduct electricity, while release the button, it will not conduct electricity.

Conductive silicone rubber keypad and buttons  are widely used in remote controller and various switches.

There are four choices for conductive rubber keypads:

1. Conductive ink

2. Carbon Pills

3. Metal Domes

4. Metal Pills(Copper & Golden Pills & Nickel Pills)

conductive ways--keypad

Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Structure 

1. Silicone Button & Key
2. Silicone Button Pads
3. Button & Key flexible webbing
4. Button & Key Travel
5. Button Conductive: Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads etc.

Notes: Silicone Keyboard Designers or Manufacturers, not only in consideration of actuation force and silicone rubber keypads structure like silicone buttons travels, keypad conductive materials, silicone rubber buttons webbing, but also should in view of silicone surface & materials demands, like symbols & icons, protective keyboard cover, silicone keypads materials choice &transparency, hardness, color spraying coating etc.

3D-剖面-keyboard 2

Silicone Rubber Keypads Buttons Conductors
1. Conductive Ink Printing
2. Black Carbon Pills

3. Metal Domes

4. Gold Pills & Nickel Pills

Conductive Ink Printing

Conductive ink is a kind of ink that can conduct electricity. In most cases, this kind of ink is infused with a conductive material, like graphite or other conductive materials, to enable electrical conduction.

Conductive ink is a more economical way to lay down a modern conductive traces, as printing is a purely additive process producing little to no waste streams which then have to be recovered or treated.

The resistances of conductive ink are too high for the majority of circuit board work, and the non-rigid nature of the materials permits undesirable forces to be exerted on component connections, causing reliability problems. Consequently such materials are only used in a restricted range of applications.

conductive ink 2

conductive ink printing 2

Black Carbon Pills

Conductive carbon pills are typically manufactured from a silicone conductive material that contains carbon which is used as a kind of conductive material. Conductive pills are molded into the actuators of the keys. When the carbon pill makes contact with the circuit, it is closing the circuit on a PCB or flexible circuit trace. 

 The carbon pills are firmly attached to the bottom of the keypad at each switch location during the final molding operation. The carbon pills are placed in the mold in a similar fashion to insert molding used for molding terminals in electrical connectors.

carbon pills4

carbon pills2

carbon pills 5

Conductive rubber keypads form an electrical switch closure when the keypad is pressed and the semi-conductive pill comes in physical contact with exposed inter-digitated conductors on a printed circuit board. The switch closure is made at the very end of the keypad travel and the pill surface must be parallel to the printed circuit board to provide switch closure.

Conductive rubber keypads provide tactile feel to the user by a feature called a force cone between the bottom edge of the keypad and the surrounding base. 

Metal Domes

What's the meaning of metal dome?

Tactile metal domes are momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches. Tactile metal domes are placed on printed circuit boards by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. 

In other words, giving a proper dome switch force, the rubber keypad with metal dome can conduct electricity.

The metal domes can be used for electrical contact, tactile-element only, or both electrical and tactile.

metal domes1

metal domes2

Copper & Golden Pills & Nickel Pills

Gold pill and nickel pill have better conductivity than other conductive methods.

For gold pill, which is time-consuming, requiring workers to put it one by one into the mold. This is why the gold pill is more expensive.

For nickel pill, which can be put into mold quickly like carbon pill by specific mold.

The biggest advantage of gold pill and nickel pill is that the resistance of them is lower than other conductive ways, so that they have a longer useful life.

gold pills 1

gold pills 2

nickel pill 1

Our company Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd is specializing in making molding and producing different types of silicone rubber keyboards and switches. We can provide silicone rubber keypad design guide according to customer's needs.

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd is your reliable and professional keypads & keyboards manufacturer and supplier. Silicone rubber keyboards production technology and professional service are our advantages: Save your money and time.

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