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Printed silicone rubber button

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Print Silicone Keypad
Print Keyboard, also called keypad printing, which silicone rubber buttons surface with printed colorful symbols or icons ( legends ).
Print Rubber Keyboard, have two types process ways: Silk Screen Print, Transfer Printing.
If silicone rubber buttons surface is uneven, mostly choose transfer print in aim to attain good printed effects.
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Silk Screen Printing Keyboard

Printed Keyboard & Keypad, which silicone rubber button's surface is printed colorful symbols or icons ( legends ) by silk screen printing or transfer printing tooling.
Notes: If the keypad surface radian is high, pad printing (transfer printing) would be best choice.
Screen Printing Silicone Keyboard

Rubber button printing


Printing Silicone Keymat
Printing Keypad
Rubber Keypad Printing

After screen printing or transfer printing, silicone keypads need drying process by Oven.
Printing Silicone Keypad
In order to prevent the printing legends & Icons on the surface of silicon keypads & buttons from wearing off, most printed silicone buttons need Matte Smoothing Coating, PU CoatingEpoxy Coating , Plastic Button Covers or Metal key cap
screen printing ink 

Some Laser etched Silicone Rubber Keypad ( for backlight ), which silicone buttons surface is even, also process by silkscreen printing, not by color coating for save manufacturing cost. but rubber buttons R angle can't be printed, and aslo flat silicone buttons need at least twice silk screen printing for enough shading.
Silk Screen Printing Keypad


Better Silicone Keypad

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