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Antibacterial Keyboard Cover

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover also known as Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover, Anti-microbial Keyboard Skins, Hygienic Keyboard Cover. They are rubber keyboard keycaps which made from special antimicrobial silicone by compression mold or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection mold. The wipeable resuable medical keyboard covers are designed to not only protect the keyboard from dust, dirt, spills and many other contaminates that may damage a keypad, but also keep people away from grems and virus. Biosafe anti-microbial keyboard skin are widely used in medical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other hygiene critical environments.Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover   Medical Keyboard Cover

Why Using Antibacterial Keyboard Cover?

Do antibacterial silicone keyboard covers work? Some studies have shown that keyboards are the most vulnerable places for bacteria in daily life. Especially in times of COVID-19, a clean and hygienic keyboard is more important than ever. However, it is difficult to clean and disinfect the  keyboard. That is why using silicone antimicrobial keyboard cover is a good choice.

infection control keyboard covers

sterile keyboard covers

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Features and Benefits:

1.Hygienic & Safe: Helps to inhibit the microbes, germs, bacteria to grow and spread on the surface of keyboards

2.Waterproof & Dustproof: Protect and prolong the life of keyboard against dirt, dust, liquids, moisture, crumbs and other contaminants 

3.Soft & Convenient: Made of high quality silicone material and molded to fit precisely over the keyboard. Clear and translucent keyboard cover won't interfer keyboard operation

4.Wipable & Washable: Can be cleaned or wiped quickly and easily 

5.Resuable & Durable: No scratches left on the surface of anti-microbial keyboard skins and with long service life

6.Self adhesive available if some silicone keypad covers need

wipeable keyboard covers

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Additives & Agents

How does antimicrobial keyboard cover inhibit germs? The antimicrobial effect of keyboard protective skin is achieved by adding  antibacterial additives & agents into the silicone material. The common agents are Inorganic metal silver ion, nano titanium dioxide and other antibacterial agents. There are two ways to make silicone material have antibacterial property. One is antibacterial treatment on the surface of silicone, and another is adding anti-microbial agent in the preparation of silicone rubber. It is very important to control the proportion of antibacterial agents added. The safety will be ensured when the adding proportion is lower than stipulated maximum permissible usage. Generally, the way using antibacterial treatment on the surface of silicone is more applicable to short-term antibacterial products while adding anti-microbial agent in the preparation of silicone rubber will change the silicone property and can apply to making products needing long-term antibacterial. 

Hygiene Keyboard Cover

Some antimicrobials can not only prevent algae growth but also inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria. Our antibacterial keyboard cover have high antimicrobial performance and can prevent the breeding of bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and keep the keyboard covers safer and cleaner. The antimicrobial keyboard cover' antibacterial rate can over 99%. 

anti-microbial keyboard skins

Here is the test results of antibacterial activity of our antimicrobial keyboard cover:

Antibacterial Silicone Keypad Cover Test Report.pdf

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Manufacturing Process

How is antibacterial keyboard cover made? It is similar to silicone rubber keypad manufacturing process. If the silicone antimicrobial keypad cover need self adhesive layer, additional steps needed for self sdhesive backing. Here is ourself adhesive clear keyboard cover for POS machine terminal making process.

self-adhesive antimicrobial keyboard skin

1. Material Preparation: Adding proper proporation of antimicrobials to raw silicone material to make antimicrobial silicone.

2. Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Compresstion Molding: Placing the antibacterial silicone material on the mold tool. The heat and pressure will form the silicone into the hygienic keyboard cover shape, then removing the protector skin from the mold by using air hoses. The silicone keyboard protector will like a sheet when the mold opened. The flashing should be removed by hand. 

keyboard safety cover

3. Self Adhesive Backing: Clean and disinfect the area needed to applied the treating agent for stronger and tighter bonding between the antimicrobial keypad cover and adhesive layer. Then put the anti-microbial keyboard skin in the position tool and accurate placed stick double sides silicone 3m tape withouting bubbles.

4. Quality Control and Packaging: Check the antimicrobial keyboard cover one by one and pack it with pp bag. 

keyboard cover protector

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Application

Hygienic keyboard cover is suitable for food-contact machines, daily computers & laptops and medical machines, like POS keypad cover, medical keyboard cover and other electronics keypad cover.

Anti-microbial Laptop Cover/Protective Keyboard Cover

keyboard transparent cover

Self Adhesive Clear Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover for POS/Card Teiminal Machine

Self Adhesive keypad cover




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