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Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover

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Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover is medical hygienic keyboard cover used to protect laptop & desktop keyboard from bacterial, dust, and water. Custom Antimicrobial Keyboard Skin is made of high transparent and high-tensile silicone. These infection control keyboard covers are washable and wipeble for the recycle and environmental friendly usage, and can be compatible with different medical applications.
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Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover

Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover, also known as as antimicrobial keyboard skins, medical keyboard covers, or hygienic keyboard covers, is made of special antimicrobial silicone or medical grade lqiuid silicone by compression molding or LSR injection molding. It is an wipeable & washable keyboard cover that can be used in medical intruments, or laptop & desktop keyboard covers. Antimicrobial keyboard cover is filled with ultra-fine zinc oxide powder and zirconium phosphate with silver, so that it has good anti-bacterial property. Silicone keyboard skin's antibacterial rate of bacterial such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli can reach 99.9%.

Medical Keyboard Cover Test Report.pdf

Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover

Antimicrobial Keyboard Skin material is high-transprent and high-tensile strength silicone. Silicone keyboard cover mold finish should be high polished.

Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover Application

Antimircobial keyboard skin covers are flexible, clear and with great tentile strength. They are suitable for food-contact machines, baby toys and medical machines, like bone densitometry keyboard covers, clear POS keypad cover, baby piano keyboard covers to protect against microbes and baterial.

Hygiene Keyboard Cover

Clear Anti-microbial Keyboard Cover for POS Terminal

Hygienic Keyboard Cover

Anti-microbial Laptop Cover

How Antibacterial Keyboard Cover Anti the Bacterial?

Antimicrobial keyboard cover contains Zinc ions and Silver ions. When the silver and zinc ions reach the microbial cell membrane, because the cell is negatively charged, it relies on Coulomb's gravity to make the two firmly adsorb (microdynamic effect). 

Infection Control Keyboard Covers

The silver and zinc components penetrate the cell wall and enter the cell. Zn2+ & Ag+ can strongly combine with the sulfhydryl group of the enzyme protein to destroy the structure of the cell synthetase, and the inactivation of the enzyme is the main reason for antibacterial. The unsaturated coordination ability of Zn2+ & Ag+ and bacteria The -N or -O action on the body surface destroys the surface active structure of the bacteria, causing the bacteria to die due to physiological changes or hindered activity.

Infection Control Keyboard Cover

Advantages of Silicone Antimicrobial Keyboard Cover

Silicone antimicromial keyboard skins are with excellent antibacterial performance, broad-spectrum sterilization, safe and non-toxic.

Mechanical properties of antimicrobial keyboard cover are stable. They can resist to high temperature. Antimicrobial effect will not weaken with time going by.

Non-soluble antibacterial additives are add to the rubber keyboard, so antibacterial keyboard skin is washable and recyclable. Silicone keyboard skins do no harms to the environment.

antimicrobial keyboard cover

Will Antimicrobial Agents Change Silicone Keyboard Color?

Antibaterial additives will lightly change keyboard skins transparent white into yellow. if the keypad is a thin clear button cover, it still can keep its transparent color, but with light yellow color.

But there are also transparent antimircobial agents, so it is no problem to customize a clear antimicrobial keyboard skin for your laptop or POS terminal.

medical hygienic keyboard covers

Antimicrobial Activity Test Result of Medical Keyboard Covers

Medical Keyboard Covers

Antibacterial Keyboard Cover

Custom Medical Anti-microbial Keyboard Covers

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd has rich experience in custom rubber keyboard covers, rubber gaskets and other silicone rubber components production.

As an OEM, we are well equipped with experienced teams and production & quality test machines. Engineer team can offer free design suggestions or guide for your rubber keypad design. Sales team will response to you within 24 hours. QC team assure the rubber buttons quality.

Medical Keyboard Covers

Silicone Antimicromial Keyboard Cover


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