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Backlit Rubber Button Cover

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Rubber Button Cover

Backlit Rubber Button Cover also is named as backlight keyboard cover, illuminated silicone keypad. The icons on the button surface are laser etched to transmit the light from LED under the button cover. Laser etching keyboard is LED compatible. So they can illuminate in dark environment.

Backlit Rubber Button Cover is laser engraved keypad. People may confuse about how the buttons transmit the light. Listed are the backlit laser etching button pad manufacturing steps.

Translucent Rubber Button Cover Curing

No matter what colors you desire for the button pad, transparent clear silicone keypad should be molded first. The clear button cover is is the key element for light transmission. 

Color Coating for Transparent Button Cover

Color coating sequence is deicide by symbol and text color and background color. For example, if we need a backlit button cover with white symbols and text, and black background, first we need to coat white ink to the translucent silicone keypad. Then cover the white button pad with balck ink. Color coating on the translucent buttoon cover can gather light under buttons and prevent light divergency.

Laser Engrave Symbols and Text on Button Cover Surface

When the color ink is dry, we engrave symbols or graphic by laser. Laser will erase the first color ink into desired symbols or text.

How to avoid light interference from adjacent button light?

Different color LED light may be installed under silicone buttons. Different color light will interfer beside light because the silicone button base is translucent. When we meet this problem, black inser walls can be made to block adjacent light.

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