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Custom Made Backlit Rubber Keyboard

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Backlit Rubber Keyboard, also known as Backlit Keyboard, backlight rubber keypad. Which are widely used as light on equipment buttons, The character or symbol on the surface of rubber keypad can be seen under the irradiation of back leds, so it can also be called as backlit silicone keys & Transparent silicone key.
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Rubber Keyboard

Backlit Rubber Keyboard, also known as Backlit Keyboard, Backlight Rubber Keypad, which are widely used as light on equipment buttons. The character or symbol on the surface of rubber keypad can be seen under the irradiation of back leds, so it can also be called as backlit silicone keys & transparent silicone keypad.

The laser engraving process is also called laser engraving or laser marking, which is a process of surface treatment with optical principle. Generally, manufacturer will spray a layer of ink on the surface of the transparent silicone keypad, (ink color is determined according to the graphic design), and then use a laser carving equipment to carved on the surface of the silicone keypad’s ink according to the shapes of the characters, to carve out the ink so as to achieve in the position of character can emit light.

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How to make Backlit rubber keypad

1)Backlit silicone keyboard can be made from pure silicone material without adding any color, the color of silicone itself is a transparent color, so there is a certain transparency.

custom keyboard buttons .jpg translucent keyboard.jpg

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2)Combine the two processes of color spraying and laser engraving, so that the character of the silicone button can have the conditions of emitting light from the inside out.

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How to identify Laser Etching Backlit rubber keypad?

1. By touching the character of the key with hands,   if it is a laser cutting button, there will be a concave feeling; if it is ordinary screen printing keypad, will feel a slightly bump.

laser keypad .jpg

2. Observing the back of rubber keypad, generally,if the back silicone color is silicone primary color (transparent milky white), then 90% is laser etched rubber keypad.

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3. Using a LED device to light the back of the keypad, and if the character is transmitting and the edge is opaque, then it is laser etching silicone keypad.

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Backlit Rubber Keypad’s Advantages

1.High precision. Laser engraving can do exactly the same as designed legends or pattern, with beautiful look.

2.The silicone keypad with backlight effect which are clearly visible in darker environments.It is easy to operate.

3.Low defective rate, and can be re-work if wrong laser etching character.

Before shipment, Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,ltd will detect if the keypad is wrong laser etched character and backlight of keypad. Like light leakage,pinholes,stain on surface and so on.

The Problems & Solutions of Backlit Silicone Rubber Keyboard

A Backlit rubber keyboard’s Light Leakage :Spray coating is too thin, should do twice spray coating to increase the thickness, meanwhile, thickness of spraying coating will influence actuation fore, should also pay attention to it.

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B.  If  the intensity of laser etching not enough, the transmittance of backlight keypad is low, and the character is blurry.

C.  Pinholes on Backlit silicone keypad:   

personalized keyboard keys .jpg backlit custom keyboard .jpg

The surface of the mold tool is not smooth enough, and the mold tool can not be discharged when the mold tool-making, should polish the mold.

D.  Stain on the surface of backlit rubber keypad:

silicone rubber button pad.jpg rubber keymat.jpg

Supplier should keep mold shop clean to prevent contamination to the backlit rubber keypad.

E.  Laser etched characters with marginal sawtooth: Modify the laser cutting toolings and redo it.

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Xiamen Better Silicone Import and Export Co., Ltd is specialized in producing silicone rubber keypads used all kinds of technology and surface protective treatments. For instance, silk screen, laser etching, epoxy, dual durometers/colors, plastic rubber, metal dome and PU coating, etc.

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Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  
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