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Color Coating Keypad

Coating coating rubber keypad, also known as color coating keyboard, color painting silicone button, which is a clear elastomer keypad coated with different color inks to be a multi-color keypad. Color coated keypads are usually laser etched with legends & graphic to be backlighting.

Color Painting Keypads

Color Coating Rubber Keypad

Note: Color coating is suitable for rubber keypads with uneven surface, as silkscreen printing can not work on uneven button surface to print graphics.

Color painting the uneven rubber keypad first, and then laser etching symbols to the buttons.Color Coated Keypad

Rubber Keypads Color Coating Process

Differernt color layers are one by one coated to silicone keypad surface. For example, if one color coating rubber keyboard is with black background and whiter symbols, white color is first sprayed to keypad surface, and then coat black to cover the white layer. Finally, laser etch to show the white symbols.

If rubber keypads with multi-colored buttons, how to prevent colored buttons mixing with other color inks?

To avoid color mixing, addtional buttons key caps will cover these unnecessary buttons. So color coating will be outside these unnecessary buttons. After coating, taking off these key caps, rubber buttons will still keep their original colors.

Color Painted Keypad

Rubber Membrane Keypad

Differences Between Color Coating Keypad and Color Printing Keypad

Color painting can cover the whole rubber keypad including the button pad or some devious corners. These color layers can prevent light leaking from  if there is LED under the button keypad.

Color Coating Silicone Keypad

Color printing keypad is only printed with one layer ink on the button surface. Button side walls or pad are in silicone original color. To prevent light leaking from color printing, one layer printing is not enough, at least two layers printing & coating required.

Conductive Rubber Keypad


Better Silicone Keypad

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