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Plastic Rubber Keypad

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Plastic Rubber Keypad, also called P+R Keypad, or Plastic + Silicone Rubber Keypad, which silicone keypad with plastic button cap & cover, in aim to improve keypad surface's wear-resisting, dust free, oil proof surface for long lifespan , and also have good aesthetic & backlight effects.
Silicone Rubber Keypad with plastic key cap & cover, which is bonding by glue, not only take full advantage of plastic key & button cover materials advantage, also make use of elastomeric sealing functions of silicone rubber materials

Plastic Rubber Keypad & P+R Keypad

Plastic Rubber Keypad, known as P+R Keypad & Plastic Silicone Keypad, which silicone buttons with plastic caps & covers, in aim to improve silicone rubber keypads life spans and also have good esthetic results. Silicone Keypads with plastic buttons & key caps, not only have good dustproof & grease proofing functions, and have good wear & abrasion resistance. 
Silicone Rubber Keys with plastic buttons caps & covers, which is bonding by glue, not only take full advantage of plastic key & button cover materials advantage, also make use of elastomeric sealing functions of silicone rubber materials.  Laser etched plastic button covers also have good backlight effects.

Plastic Rubber Keypad

P+R Plastic Rubber Keypad with Key Cap & Button Cover Manufacturing Process

Plastic Button Covers & Caps Information
1. Plastic Button Caps Materials: PC, PMMA & Acylic, PVC, ABS+PC, PP, ABS etc.
2. Plastic Buttons Covers surface legends & Icons: Silk screen Printing, Laser Etched, or Overmoled Legends
3. Plastic Button Caps protective coating: UV Coating & PU Coating (Glossy or Matte Smooth which mainly depends on keypad working conditions)
Plastic Push Button Caps


Plastic Button CapsPlastic Key Covers

Silicone Rubber Keypads with Plastic Key Cover & Caps Manufacturing Process

1. Plastic Button Caps's injection mold-making, production and aided tooling-making
2. Silk screen printing, Or spraying coating+ laser etched, and do PU or UV coating.
3. Die Cutting for plastic button caps.
4. Assemble keycap and silicone keyboard by glue.
5. Rapid bonding or drying process combinantion

Plastic Button Covers

Plastic Rubber Keypad By Assembly

plastic rubber keypad assembly

P+R keypad assembly

Plastic Key Covers
Silicone Keypad with Plastic Button Caps Advantages:
Good aesthetic and backlight effects.
Good Touch Feeling, oilproof,  Anti-dust, Good Wear resisting.
Cost effective to large quantities.
Long lifespan P+ R keypad

Plastic Keycap

Plastic Rubber Keypad & P+R Keypad Disadvantage:

High Toolings Cost: Plastic Injection mold cost, Die-cutting Tooling Cost, Positioning Toolings etc. If choose transparent PC&PMMA plastic key cap, which more expensive for injection molding as should choose good mold chamber steels and also need good injection machines gates.
Need a lot of labors for process and assembly.
Unsuitable to Low P+R keypad quantity.

Plastic Buttons Caps

Silicone Keypad with Plastic Button Cap
Silicone Keypads with plastic key cover

Plastic Rubber keypad


Better Silicone Keypad

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  
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