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Fluorescent Silicone Rubber Keypad

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Silicone Fluorescent Keypad, is known as fluorescent rubber keypad and phosphor keypad, which is made from silicone mixed with powder by rubber compression mold tooling.

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Fluorescent Silicone Keypad

Fluorescent Silicone Keypad, also called Luminescent Rubber Keypads, Luminous Silicone Keypad or Glow-in-Dark Silicone Keyboard, phosphor keymat, which buttons can glowing in dark. Common fluorescent kepad in our daily life: remote control keypads. Added phosphor powder & phosphors into silicone materials when mixing, and then molded by rubber compression molding.
Fluorescent Key Pad
fluorescent powder

Silicon  Fluorescent Keypad is a kind of operation instruction and data input device that uses fluorescence to produce visible light, which is also an important part of keyboard instruments. S ilica  gel f luoresc e nt  keypad is widely applied in electronic and music products, like computer keyboard, laptop, piano, electronic keyboard, etc. 

fluorescent Buttons
  Fluorescent Pad
   Fluorescent Keypad
Keypad Design Guide

Keypad Contact Types

Silicone Rubber Keypad Contacts

Carbon Pill
Conductive Ink Printing
Metal Domes
Metal Conductive Pill
Life Time
About 10 Millions
About 10 Millions
About 10 Millions
Above 10 Millions
10-100 Ohms
50-350 Ohms
1-100 Ohms
1-100 Ohms
10-20 Microns
Lower Resistance Stable Life Time
Any Shape is Available
Lower Resistance 
Lower Resistance
Shape Limted
Resistance Limited
Bad Tactile Feel eithout Dust-free Functions
Low Production Efficiency, High Unit Price

Keypad Legend Types and Surface Protection

Screen Printing Keypad
Laser Etched Keypad
Molded Legends Keypad
Protective Cover
Color-filled-in Keypad
PU Spraing Coating Keypad (Matte&Bright Surface)
Matte Smooth Coating Keypad
Epoxy Coating Keypad
Plastic + Rubber Keypad (Plastic Key Cap & Cover)
Metal + Rubber Keypad (Metal Key Cover)

Travel /Stroke Sketch

Typical Force/Stroke Curve

Keypad Processes
Our Company

Xiamen Better Silicone Import and Export Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Products for a wide range of applications. Our  silicone rubber keypad solutions combine excellent conductivity, reliability and long life span, which can meet all the environment's requirements and fit your individual needs.

Keypad Types: Silicone keypads have many types according surface legends, conductive ways and materials Property demands.

Spraying Keypads, Silkscreen keypad, Laser Etched Keypad, Epoxy Keypad, Dual Durometer / Hardness Keypad, Backlit Keypad, P+R (Plastic+Rubber) Keypad, M+R (Metal+Rubber) Keypad, Conductive Pad Printing Keypad, Luminous Keypad, Silicone conductive keypad etc.
Silk Screen Silicone Keypad
Laser Etched Silicone Keypad
Epoxy Coating Silicone Keypad
P+R Keypad
Double Color Silicone Keypad
Backlight Silicone Keypad
Fluorescent Silicone Keypad
Conductive Printing Silicone Keypad
M+R Keypad

Quick Quotation Requirements

Offer 2D, 3D design (PDF, CAD, STEP, IGS, slprt. ) drawings, or samples;
Inform legend number and how many colors. If it needs silicone light guide;
With or without carbon pills;
Keypads surface demands: Laser Etched, Silkscreen, Spray Coating, UV Coating etc.;
Buying quantity.

These are the primary elements for a basic quotation. Other details such as travel, force, durometer and tactile response can be decided later; Other features such as protective coatings, laser etching, light pipes, etc. will eventually determine the price.

Our advantages:

Own Precision Mold-Making Technology (Since 1998);

Competitive Price: Original Manufacturer;
   1.) Mold-Making Plant
   2.) Silicone Rubber Compression Plant
   3.) Plastic Injection Plant
   4.) Liquid Silicone Rubber Injecton Plant (LSR)
   5.) Assembly Plant.

Five Experienced Designers and Engineers;

Production and Test is in strict conformance with
ISO9001; Test Equipment: 3D Projectors, Sealing Testor, Elasticity Measurement, Durometer etc.

Production Environment

Rapid Reaction Organization: Support Customer at short time

Better Silicone Keypad

Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds and configurations of Silicone Rubber Keypads for a wide range of applications....  

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