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Laser Cutting Rubber Keypad

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Laser Cutting Rubber Keypad

Laser Cutting Rubber Keypad, known as Laser Engraving & Etched Silicone Keypad
Laser Cutting Rubber Keypad's Text & Symbols, is designd for led backlight effects, which make use of transparent silicone materials properties and spraying color coating for laser cutting process by laser machines, in aim to get desired laser graphic

backlight silicone button pad

Laser Cutting Silicone Rubber Keypad
Laser Cutting Rubber Keypad

Rubber Keypads are sprayed opaque coating. First sprayed coated color (inner color) is the desired legends color, and the last spraying coating color which is keypad surface colors.
After laser cutting, silicone rubber keypads need protective coated like PU & UV & Epoxy & matt smooth, or cover by plastic buttons caps to protect the keypads' surface.
Laser Cutting Silicone Keyboard
Laser Cutting Silicone Rubber Keymat

Laser Cutting Silicone Keypad

Notes: Main Laser engraving silicone keypad's 
quality problem caused by color coating.
Laser Etched Rubber Keypad

1. Color Aberration ( chromatic aberration )
2. Unevenly Coated which will cause light leak.
3. Too thin spraying coated layer engraving silicone rubber keypad will cause light leak
4. Coated layer thickness affect the keys thickness or pads thickness.
5 Coated layer thickness affect the actuation force and rebound effects of silicone rubber keypads

Laser Etched Rubber Keypad
6. Inner coated color ( legends color ) and keypad's surface color should be big color contrast.
Like inner coated color is white, the surface color mostly choose black.
for example choosing inner translucent silicone without white or other bright color coating,  with gray or black color surface keypad to do laser engraving process, the keypad can't shows laser mark characters without backlight.


Better Silicone Keypad

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